Hello, Peter Hasselbrack! How are you now, if there are busy doing right now?
I'm doing great.  Preparing for the Butchering Europe Tour for March/April 2016.
Being something Exciting If Last reign of terror EP " Religious Apocalypse " on Comatose Music. This will become history and a fresh career for the BLOODSOAKED ! So far, whether Debut " Religious Apocalypse " became the most you waiting for Before the release of the Third CD " The Death of Hope "?
The new EP is selling well and receiving solid reviews from both media and fans. The EP was to be a full length of Glam Metal covers with a few brand new Bloodsoaked songs. Comatose Music backed out from doing that so we went with the few new songs, two glam covers and a few live songs.  I'm very happy with the way the EP turned out.  The new Bloodsoaked songs are very powerful and straight forward.

What will be the main difference in comparison with the previous release? With every Last EP, how do you challenge yourself?
I just like to write catchy Death Metal songs, I'm not a technical player but I think I do write good songs. There is not too much of a difference from my last album to the new EP.  Just solid Death Metal. My playing has not changed in many years and while I try to challenge myself a little it's more in terms of trying to write better songs and more technical riffs.

How much time do you usually spend in the studio recording the material? Did you still just do it all at home?  
I recorded everything for the new album at home accept for the vocals.  I went into the studio to record vocals.  For myself I like recording guitar/bass at home as I can take my time and really focus on getting each track as tight as possible.  I might track guitars over the course of 2 weeks at home and the vocals are recorded in a 1/2 day in the studio.

Musically speaking 3 New track on " Religious Apocalypse ", how has your approach to the one-man-band recording process changed across the Three albums Before?  
I actually take the same approach as I always have.  Not much has changed at all. I usually start with a chorus or intro riff and build around it.  I might have some riff or lyric in my head and try to put it to good use.  Whatever I come up with first I'll build the song around that.  I will take a while to listen and re-listen to a song before calling it complete.

Talking about the other material after 3 new songs, what decree is the last option when making another version of "Shake Me" Cinderella cover and "You're in Love" Ratt cover Peter? Are you too enjoy this song element or there are things that attract your attention for a long time?  
I have always been a big fan of Glam Metal and always wanted to do a full album of Glam cover songs done Death Metal style. When listening to Glam music I sing along with my Death Metal vocals and always thought it was a good fit.  It's just a different feel when listening to Glam.  I love the two glam songs on the album.  They came out very heavy.

And, 4 Live tracks recorded at SWR Barroselas Metalfest XV in Portugal April 2012, Whether the material is very impressive at all, so you have to add on this EP?  
Comatose Music needed more songs/material to make the CD a good length for trades. The songs were a good recording of the live versions of a few songs so overall I'm happy.

Still making One aspect of " Brutally Butchered " that I found particularly striking when compared to the BLOODSOAKED three releases was just how far you’ve come in terms of structural dynamics and making each song distinct and memorable. Was this something you had thought about going into the writing/recording of this album or simply a natural progression (or thirdly)? 
Thank you for noticing that. Yes.  While my riff and playing style is still for the most part that same as it has been for the past 25 years I've tried very hard to become a better song writer and having the riffs flow nicely and the structure of each song complement the whole album. Each album has gotten much better in terms of song writing and that is what I'm most proud of.

What you explain about writing BLOODSOAKED statement on site, " BLOODSOAKED concentrates on purely oldschool, no frills, straight forward, skull crushing Death Metal in the most raw and primitive form! There are no "slam till you can't slam no more breakdowns", no pig squeals, no arpeggios; simply classic Death Metal, nothing more, nothing less." 
I write pretty simple and straight forward Death Metal riffs and songs.  I don't try to play technical, 1000 notes per second, have the most brutal vocals.  I keep it simple Death Metal. Old school simplicity.

Why did you decide to be a " one-man band ", as opposed to just work as a tradition ensemble of musicians? How and why did you decide to become a one-man band? Is it just because it's easier for you to control the whole process?  
I looked for band members when I first started Bloodsoaked but I could not find anyone interested in doing what I wanted.  I had a vision for Bloodsoaked and most did not have the same vision or dedication.  So once I could not find anyone I recorded my first album and it was well received in the underground scene.  I started receiving emails asking me to play shows.  Without a band I was not sure if I could play shows.  I saw Putrid Pile playing alone and figured I would give it a try and it was the best thing I would have done.

At the time you did that, you were perhaps the only person in the death metal scene doing the “one-man” thing. I think that it allowed a lot of people to realize that if they can’t find good members they can simply say “fuck it!” 
Yes. Putrid Pile and Insidious Decrepency were the other two that start a few years before me.  I talked to them and asked questions via email as to how to get started doing it alone. Both Shaun and Shawn were very helpful and sportive. Most now consider Bloodsoaked in the top 3 One Man Death Metal bands along with PP and ID and it's an honor.

and have you ever thought that one day will make a full formation for BLOODSOAKED? or Still " One-man Band " ? I See, In the future, BLOODSOAKED plans to stay a one-man-band, and continue to progress and keep making quality extreme Death Metal for the masses. 
Still keeping the original vision in mind, but not turning my back on the idea of change. I added a second guitarist for a few years and that worked out very well.  He left after 2 years and went back to his original band.  I have thought many time about making Bloodsoaked a full band but it all comes back to the same things that made it s one man band in the first place.  The vision, dedication and love for what I want to do.

And your biggest musical influences? Any non musical influences that help you compose? All the good old bands such as Obituary, Pestilence, Morbid Angle, Deicide, Sepultura and Death.  I love the old school bands with a chorus you can and want to sing along with.

How do you feel playing alone on the stage? Do you feel any lack of support sometimes? Is there a fun experience even Pathetic ever happen? 
Playing live is the best part of being in a band.  Even playing alone as a one man band is great.  When I had Joseph the other guitarist in the band it was even better.  I've had some good fuck ups where I thought the song ended and stopped playing but I was completely wrong, so that was funny. There is nothing like playing live having people sing along to song you wrote.

About Butchering Europe 2016 Tour, BLOODSOAKED is happy to announce that Tour, on March 31 thru April 9, 2016 will be Shared with Deviance, Bloodwritten, Morose Vitality and Newtdick. Do you want to tell interesting about this tour later? 
This will be my 5th Europe tour in the last few years.  I've been doing 10 day tours each year and they have been great.  All bands crush each night, good fan support and so good to play Europe.

What " Butchering Europe 2016 " going more fun than " Devouring Europe 2015 " ?  
Each tour is better than the last.  Each tour gets better and better each year with more and more fans. I'm so very excited to go back in 2016 and crush the Death Metal fans for 10 night in a row.

Until now, if you still have for any Standard Equipment for BLOODSOAKED Use? Need to some upgrade? Are You also still Endorses Jackson Guitars and Vader Cabinets?
Currently I'm endorsed by Blackhart Guitars and Arachnid Cabs and I could not be happier with both. Both are extremely supportive of the underground bands and artist. On the tours I only bring my guitar and all other equipment is backlined each night.  I usually only use a tuner and noise suppression pedal live and use the distortion from the amp.  Less is better for me.

I see you a lot to give FREE Song BLOODSOAKED on Official Band website. A question I like to ask a lot on musicians that follow the underground, is the question on downloading. What would your reaction be if someone told you that he downloaded both your albums and thought they were awesome, and what to someone that told you he bought the albums and thought they were shit? 
I want every Death Metal fan to download all my music and if they like it great.  If they hate it that's okay as well.  As long as more and more people are knowing the Bloodsoaked name the better for the band.  Even if they hate it they still might tell a friend and they're friend might download it and love it.  Giving music away is the best way to gain new fans.

Which 5 albums would you consider as the pinnacle of Death Metal and Why?

Pestilence - Consuming Impulse
Sepultura - Beneath The Remains
Obituary - Slowly We Rot
Obituary - Cause of Death
Deicide - Deicide

These albums are what Death Metal is all about.  Nothing will ever compare to the beginning of Death Metal.  If I could add another album it would be Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments.

About some BLOODSOAKED Next Plan ? New Album? Video Clip Or ... ?  
At this time only the Europe tour and Frankfurt Death Fest in Germany in 2016. Possibly some other festivals but that's it for now.  Not sure when I'll write new music, I'm a slow song writer so it might be a while.

Without any tricking for the ending session for this chance soon it will be continued, do you have a last command  to the LOSTINCHAOS readers  so this interview will one of the best be an affirmation to BLOODSOAKED and for who  are in Awareness finding ? 
Thanks to you all guys,  keep on moving and stay Extreme!

Thank you Very much for taking the time to interview me and ask great questions about Bloodsoaked. Everyone can find my music and much more online:

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