REVULSED Interview (Melbourne, Australia)

Being something Exciting If New new reign of terror CD Full Album " Infernal Atrocity " on Permeated Records. This will become history and a new career for the REVULSED ! So far, whether Debut " Infernal Atrocity " became the most you waiting for since First Main Band Sheldon D'Costa and Jayson Sherlock on inExordium? How You will excite this excitement to The Technical Death Metal Fans? 
I think we just wanted to make an album that was different to inExordium. We wanted to explore the most brutal style, and go back the roots, explore my early albums but make it sound better and with catchy riffs that are nice and clear and heavy. We don’t really consider ourselves a ‘brutal death metal’ band, more like old school pure death metal with some tech and slam thrown in there. Konni makes the album sit in the ‘brutal’ style more, cause he is such a beast. So hopefully Infernal Atrocity will appeal to a large range of extreme metal fans. That would be nice!

What was your primary goal since the beginning that you set out to emanate with REVULSED and how do you think the band stands compared to other contemporaries of this style? Do you think REVULSED has carved its mark in the underground as an entity to be reckoned with? " Infernal Atrocity " is continually pushing itself to think outside of the box while maintaining a sheer brutal edge. 
I guess a lot of the ‘brutal’ scene are just that really, all brutal and not much else. Don’t get me wrong I love that stuff, be we wanted to make an album that could be remembered easily. You can listen once, and then maybe you can hum a riff or two, and then think what is that?? and Then oh yes!! Revulsed! Of course. That would be cool. It’s just almost impossible to be different and stand out with SO many bands in the scene, it’s insane, it’s really overcrowded. But at the same time, it’s really cool that so many great bands are around. I guess you have to really really try hard to make your band sound different and stand out from the pack. Revulsed did not do this on purpose, I guess maybe it just happened that way!!! We just love playing heavy music and this what came out I guess!! We had to press RECORD, and now Infernal Atrocity is here.

" Infernal Atrocity " the sole intent to create heavy, intensely technical music, while maintaining an edge of creativity that separates them from the over produced sea of sub genres, how do you still promoting this new full length of yours? Tour plans and stuff? 
I guess mainly on Facebook and other social media… Permeated will do their promotion, we are still a part time band really, we all have families and full time jobs aside from the band. So it’s hard to promote like crazy and then do a huge tour. We won’t be doing huge long tours, only small stuff like a show here, or a festival there, no months and months away. Thats not what Revulsed is. We are more of a hobby band, but still very passionate, but no huge touring planned. We’ll play maybe 4-6 shows a year in Melbourne, and a show here and there as the offers come in. If we play overseas, then we will try to be smart about it and put one or two shows tightly together, so as to not be away from our families for too long. We would love to get some big supports that would be awesome, Suffocation, Nile, Aborted, etc… that would be amazing.

and who's in the band that most have large Role in making a song on " Infernal Atrocity "? 
Sheldon and myself have written all the material for Infernal Atrocity. I along with Justin Smith wrote the lyrics. Sheldon and I write riffs independently of each other, then we get together and toss away old riffs and riffs we both do not agree on. Then we have enough music to make the album and we start arranging the songs together and putting the transitions in there. Then finally I start matching the lyrics to the songs, and make the phrasing happen.

How REVULSED Work and Deal with Permeated Records to release a full-length album " Infernal Atrocity ", What Infernal Atrocity provide a more attractive offer at this time for the band? 
We are so happy and proud to work with Permeated records! The guys are super nice and very generous and they always make sure we are 100% happy, and we ARE!!! Permeated paid for Pär Olofsson to make the artwork and we can’t believe that. He is our hero in artwork and has done lots and lots of our favourite album covers over many years. It was an honour to work so closely with him. We mainly talking to the label on Facebook!! And email of course. The nicest guys in the world to talk to, and they are huge brutal metal fans! Just like us.

" Infernal Atrocity " is Amazed Death Metal combining blazing riffs and with skull crushing rhythms and all the brutal grooves your feeble mind can handle. You seem to be taking your grinding brutality way to serious but you never leave technique behind! How hard is it to keep up with brutal death metal nowadays? 
This style would have to be the most challenging and hardest style to play!  I’m getting older now, so it’s even harder for me! But I don’t care, I love playing it. Also we don’t feel like we need to keep up really. We are not even close to most of the bands out there in terms of speed and supreme brutality, they are WAY more crazy! We just do what we do, try to be different, and make music that you can remember, thats all we want to do really, and most importantly have fun! This is more important than anything else for us. Theres no point doing it it your not having fun and enjoying it.

Due the musicality exploring the concept, you all now are in the representation of being unless which in the Big Promotion the brutality and technicality implement like there is no more exhausted parts to make defensible the genre, a step forward to its invigoration. What deliberation have you been conducted so  it’s going to originate the burden? We know it’s indubitably so long so letting to brutal death as we face today. 
As long as you can see that music is made with love and passion, thats all you can do really. I mean, it’s what we want to do anyway. If you love it , then it’s not work after all. It’s fun. It’s good to keep the listeners guessing too, what coming next? Whats gonna happen now? Thats a cool idea to make.

What about some of the Metalhead Statement who want to compare this material with a strong concept of In The Name Suffocation? whether REVULSED only flows only along the writing material "Infernal Atrocity"? 
Well lots of bands sound like Suffocation!!! And Suffocation sounds like bands they love too!!! And they make no apologies too! We all borrow and grab ideas from everyone else really. There is always something that bands will grab to use in their band, from another band! It’s an honour to have bands use your ideas, it’s a mark of respect I think. It shows that you are listening and that you care. I’m super proud and honoured to be called similar to a great great band like Suffocation, this is a huge honour for us, and especially to be like an old album like Effigy of the Forgotten, wow that is crazy, then we could be onto something good.

The whole album is on a high level when it comes to technicality. Apparently it requires a lot of skill, practice and discipline to compose and perform songs so technical and brutal. It take s a lot more effort to record that stuff. Were the recordings a pain in the ass? 
No! Not at all. The drums were recorded in one and a half days, so 4-5 songs each day, and half day to set the kit and mics up and get sounds etc… We were really well rehearsed so it’s not an issue. We were ready to get it done. Also we knew the songs for a few years, it took 5 years in total to get this whole thing together for the 2 of us. The guitars were recorded over a lot of weeks, tweaking and getting it all just right, at Sheldons home studio. Konni did the vocals in a few sessions in Germany and sent everything over here to Australia, he worked his sexy ass off! His vocals came out so awesome. We are such huge Defeated Sanity and Konni fans, it’ was an amazing experience to work with our brother, a dream come true!

Looking back at the recording time, what was the hardest part and what was the most laughable? Was previously REVULSED also do Rehearsal Jamming when will the process of recording?  
In the early days, yes me and Sheldon rehearsed a lot, cause we were in the flow of getting together a lot. Over time when we had more and more songs, we mainly focussed on polishing the riffs and arranging them together. We would hang at Sheldons place and drink scotch and wine and eat crazy hot curries and laugh and play death metal!! It’s always a lot of fun to hang and enjoy life! Theres not really any hard hard times, because we had so long to write Infernal Atrocity. It’s was a labour of love. The more time you have, the easier it is!

whether Jayson Sherlock and Sheldon D'Costa feels more comfortable to work on this own material "Infernal Atrocity"? Will this be the point watermark of hard work since forming REVULSED? 
I think this is definitely the highest point of musical brutality for me. Until the next Revulsed release happens anyway. I think Sheldon will say the same thing. My previous work does not come close to Infernal Atrocity in terms of heaviness and just all out extreme music.

I am very Excited outcome of Pär Olofsson Artwork for "Infernal Atrocity", this is a crazy Imagine form of cruelty in a Deep Hell. How REVULSED can describe the actual concepts on this Artwork? Do You surrender completely ideas to Pär Olofsson to Made Art ? 
Well thank you!!! Pär is a pleasure to work with and a joy. He is so very talented and is the master of crazy detailed and brutal artworks. We were so honoured to have worked with him. The cover basically represents the ‘Infernal Atrocity’ which is the enemy of mankind and the enemy of everything good, the devil essentially. He is in the process of destroying all life. The amount of victims is way beyond count and are piled in the background. Some of the spirits of the dead are rising to new life beyond the physical life. But his time to destroy life is running out, the sun rise in the far distance signifies his time is coming to an end. The sun (light) will consume all the darkness and horror of death. We just wanna make a point of difference to all the gore for gores sake lyrics out there. Bring some hope and life into the scene. I basically invented the whole concept and gave this to Pär to make his art. He was very much relying on my designs and ideas, (not that he really NEEDED them) but only because we had a very clear vision of the cover art. I knew that I could not make this art myself, and needed a true master to make it happen and he made it HAPPEN! We are so happy.

In the scene now (Worldwide) we are certainly excited with many fans who really kind and mentally educated making  great  expectation to the future  as long as the underground music(s) are still in the phase of admittance  since the past decade however it’s exaggerated in the past. What have you noted  in the certainty from the  scene’s  interaction and it’s subjected to the fans who still possibly run for the money/ living where we have to find independently for what we propose? What is the suggestion for them so it’s begun not to confuse later? 
I think unless your band is Behemoth or Cannibal Corpse, then you will not make money to live on from making death metal. You always need a day time job. We all have good day time jobs in fact I’m writing this interview from my work desk at lunchtime right now! And of course because you can download music for free today, then it’s even harder! We don’t need money from music, because we all work. When we can we will give CD’s and music away! Of course! All people deserve to have good music not just those who can afford to pay for it.

A question I like to ask a lot on musicians that follow the underground, is the question on downloading. What would your reaction be if someone told you that he downloaded both your albums and thought they were awesome, and what to someone that told you he bought the albums and thought they were shit? 
Of course the first guy!!!! As I said, I’m happy for people to download for free, as long as they can get it!!! GREAT! I only hope that our awesome label can still make their money back, that’s all I want. Free downloads are here to STAY, whether we like it or not, so theres no point getting all upset and angry about it. It’s a waste of time and energy and totally futile. We are glad that people are enjoying the album, end of story.

Which 5 albums would you consider as the pinnacle of Death Metal and Why?

Ok, this is a cool question, right here goes:

Death - Human (first time true technicality has been used in death metal)
Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity (lots of frantic energy, super catchy riffs, awesome production)
Grave - Into the Grave (utter brutality, dirty gritty, and SO HEAVY, heaviest death metal ever!)
Obituary - Cause of Death (sickest, creepiest, riffs and most inhuman vocals ever)
Defeated Sanity - Passages into Deformity (the very pinnacle of modern brutal technical death metal, amazing riffs, production and vocals!)

How about the recent formation Suffocation now in pursuance of you? Are they still deserve to continue to be part of the history of Death Metal? 
Suffocation will always deserve their rightful place as the pioneers of brutal technical death metal. They are and will always be the true masters!

Without any tricking for the ending session for this chance soon it will be continued, do you have a last command  to the LOSTINCHAOS readers  so this interview will one of the best be an affirmation to REVULSED and for who  are in awareness finding ? Thanks to you all guys,  keep on moving and stay Technical! 
We just to say that we are so happy and honoured to have done this interview with Lost In Chaos! We hope you enjoy listening to Infernal Atrocity for a long time to come! And maybe one day we will meet you all at a festival in your country!! Stay safe and stay BRUTAL!


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