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Artists often envision too clear a picture of what they’re trying to create before the true nature of what they are creating has formed. No limits and no preconceived expectations, that was the mindset in place when the vision for Pillory was conceived.

Beginning in Boston, MA in 2004, Pillory began writing and piecing together ideas for what would soon become their first full length, “No Life Guard at the Genepool”. The only goals set in place were to be extreme and to be writing outside the box. There were influences pulled in from so many directions that it’s hard to describe exactly what came out. They ranged from grindcore, death metal, thrash and black metal and even to some genres not typically associated with extreme music.

In 2014 Pillory’s sound now comes from a singular mind in form of a new full length entitled “Evolutionary Miscarriage”. Darren Cesca, the original drummer and main songwriting contributor has carried on with the vision that he has always wanted Pillory to be. Darren has been a well known drummer in the extreme metal genre for quite sometime. His history includes assignments with Arsis, Burn in Silence and Goratory, touring all over the world both headlining and in support of numerous other worldwide artists.

Now the owner and engineer at “House of Grind Studio” Darren works with different artists on a regular basis. He has done everything from session drumming work and songwriting to producing, engineering and mastering. Darren has collaborated with artists such as Incinerate, Hideous Deformity, Eschaton, Skinned and Isolation in Infamy.

From these experiences he has grown as a musician and uses Pillory as his own personal form of expression,. “I enjoy collaborating with other musicians and have done so for many years, but with Pillory I really wanted to work from one perspective in order to create a strong sense of cohesion on this album”.

Even with a new album release on the horizon, Pillory has no intention to stop creating. The ideas are endless and the boundaries are unfounded. The only rules going forward are to continue to define the Pillory sound which in and of itself has no clear-cut musical definition.

Answered By Darren Cesca

Hi there guys, thanks for showing interest in answering this interview. How are you? Anything important to start with?
Darren Cesca - Hi, I just to say thanks for the interview.  I appreciate the opportunity to speak about this new release, “Evolutionary Miscarriage”.  A lot of time and hard work went into creating it and I hope everyone will enjoy it. 

" Evolutionary Miscarriage " has initiated a new Second Release Fantastic sophomore run of PILLORY later this Spring via Unique Leader Records, The follow-up to the pile driving, " No Life Guard At The Gene Pool ", released in 2005. The bookings running good, right? How are you!.

Darren Cesca - Many people may not be aware, but this new Pillory album is a solo project release.  I Darren Cesca, make up the entirety of the band.  As of right now there are no plans to book any shows or tours.  We shall see what the future holds. 

I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule promoting your new album and rehearsing for your tour to take some time out to answer some questions for your fans. What's going on in the PILLORY camp these days? Any "sensational and Nice" latest news?
Darren Cesca - I’m currently talking with some people to help direct a music video for the track “Imbeciles in Defiance”.  I hope to have the video released sometime after the album release in June.  I am very excited to be playing all parts of the performance in the video.  I will have more news on this soon. Pillory is my main outlet for writing and composing extreme music as I have already begun putting together ideas and concepts for a follow up to ‘Evolutionary Miscarriage”.  I also run a home studio named “House of Grind Studio” and have fairly consistent work to keep up with.  I’m often working on a new drum video, or writing and mixing with another band for their next release.

Now tell us about the concept and story behind this masterpiece. The Cool story behind " Evolutionary Miscarriage ". The story is cool and Imentioned several influences in my review. and How You Can Comparing with previous material like " No Life Guard At The Gene Pool "?
Darren Cesca - When Pillory was first created, there was an initial interest in examining the human race and looking at our society as a whole.  I never wanted to be political or too opinionated, just honest about what we see in people.  “Evolutionary Miscarriage” follows the story of the human race’s evolution into eventual extinction.  As our society continues to deteriorate and the hope of the human race wanes, people begin to miscarry at an alarming rate.  It appears as though the human race is slowing being killed off by losing the ability to breed. This creates widespread panic and conflict across the planet as the unaffected part of the population begins to discriminate against the people that cannot reproduce.  A war essentially begins, bringing out the true form of human begins.  We see hatred, and a lack of compassion towards what is different.  The story ends with the prosecution and ultimately destruction of anyone falling into the group that has contracted this “Evolutionary Miscarriage” trait.

I See, " Evolutionary Miscarriage " finds PILLORY expanding upon their signature intricacies. Written, recorded and produced by founding drummer Darren Cesca (Arsis, Burn in Silence, Goratory et al) at his newly-launched House Of Grind Studios in Connecticut during 2013, " Evolutionary Miscarriage " is centered thematically around the de-evolution of mankind. A physically and mentally demanding listen, " Evolutionary Miscarriage " brandishes deranged rhythms, maniacal riff torrents, subtle white noise nuances and multi-layered vocals all executed together with near surgical meticulousness, the record's sharp production allowing each lacerating note to shine while retaining the blunt brutality of its predecessor. So I Need Some Technical Process for " Evolutionary Miscarriage ", Are you and everything in the PILLORYY find significant problems when compared with the previous material ?
Darren Cesca - Yes, as explained in an earlier answer I handle all duties in Pillory.  Originally I had written most of the material with 1 other founding member.  Many years later I had wanted to continue the Pillory sound and decided to do that on my own. This was a great challenge but also a pleasure.  I have been able to take the time to evolve the Pillory sound closer towards the original vision that I had in the beginning.  I had to spend many months doing a full pre production of the album and then record all new tracks of each instrument for the album recording. The mixing and mastering process took quite a long time as well but I pleased with how the final product came out.  Each new project I learn more and get better at my craft.  I look forward to creating the next release 2-3 year from now.

An Amazed & excellent album that should be heard. If you really consider yourself a metalhead, give this band a try. whether all members are involved in every writing music? I Hear Darren writting about 100% musical conception on " Evolutionary Miscarriage "? like a see, think I'll always be writing music until the day You die. composing music for a very long time.  you think after being a drummer you would say a composer.
Darren Cesca - I always say that I’m a drummer first but a composer second.  I initially began learning other instruments to be able to start composing songs .  I’ve been writing music for over 20 years I will probably never stop writing. There is almost always a rhythm or or melody idea in my head throughout the day.  One thing, when I’m in the mode to write an album, it is very rare that I run out of new ideas.  When I am stumped with writing, I usually take a day or two away and when I come back to piece of music I will see, or hear something in my head that I can use to continue the writing process.

What Your 5 Drummer Faforite for First and Lifetime have much influence your skill to play drums for this?
Darren Cesca - To be honest, I don’t really listen to drummers anymore as an influence on my sound.  Certainly when I was in college and learning my extreme style of drumming in the early 2000’s I focused on some drummers in particular.
In no order :

01 Kevin Talley - Dying Fetus
02 Nick Barker - Dimmu Borgir
03 John Longstreth - Origin
04 Max Kolesne - Krisiun
05 Pete Hammoura - Nile
06 Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater

To you, what distinguishes this release with the material you before? what if this is for you a blast form the mature concept from First CD material like " No Life Guard At The Gene Pool " ? In My Opinion ALL PILLORY RELEASE KEEP GODDAMN TO KICKIN FACE !!!
Darren Cesca - I think a few things separate “Evolutionary Miscarriage” from the first release.  The production is quite different.  I wanted to keep some of the edge and crust from the first record but improve the overall clarity and dynamics on the production.  There is a lot going on at times and I want the listener to be able to hear each note being played. The vocals also have a much different personality to them.  I wanted them to dynamically create different feels and emotions throughout the album.  They represent the pain, power and emotion of the subject matter within the lyrics. Lastly, the record was written within a concept.  Each song plays a piece in the story and the music is all tied together to fit that story.  A great friend (Jon Jenkins) of mine worked on all the noise and soundscapes on the record to help tie the tracks together and give it a very organic feel.  I’ve also included a string arrangement by another great friend of mine (H. Justin Sobers) on the first instrumental Pillory track, “Phantasmagorical Beasts”.  This is a time for the listener to breathe and prepare for the rest of the album.  It represents a sensible break in the story before the conflict starts to get out of control.

What is the Briliance special Concept Musick thing with PILLORY? The guitar must be always Excellent Progress? Bass guitar and drums are allowed to be more progressive and Chaotic ? Or is it much more? How much Drum overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the PILLORY formula to work properly?
Darren Cesca - The entire album is done in pre production form prior to final tracking in the studio.  I did all my experimenting and changing of ideas first so I don’t have to worry about that when it comes time for tracking. The writing process probably took close to 6 or 7 months.  I had not written this much Pillory material in a long time, so it took a little time to adapt my playing back into thinking that way.  Once the first few pieces were put together, the rest of the music began to flow. Songwriting can come in a manor of ways.  Sometimes it starts with a riff, sometimes a rhythm idea on the drums, or sometimes it’s just a sound in my head.  Once that idea is thought out I try and think organically about where it should go.  I prefer to think of 30-60 seconds of a song before tracking it down instead of just just a single, short idea.  Once I have a piece of a song, it is much easier to continue it’s flow.

Comments the band in a collective statement: "Evolutionary Miscarriage encompasses in totality what the PILLORY sound is by using different textures and an unbiased perspective to take listeners on a journey. It's impossible to catch everything on the first listen as the complexity will become more familiar with each new visit. PILLORY sound will suck you in and not let go as it travels through your veins and contaminates your mind." Will this be a form of skill improvement arrangements for the band does not get stuck in a monotonisme? and how you can bring together the views and opinion is so different from the other band members?
Darren Cesca - The main point here is that when it comes to Pillory I do not put limitations on a style, or tempo, or song form.  The music is written in an organic way.  Whatever comes to my head, or to my hands or fingers, it can all be part of Pillory.  I hold a very high standard for myself when it comes to composing and coming up with song forms.  I create music and then listen over and over and over again, changing and tweaking pieces all along the way.  Sometimes very minor changes will make a big difference for the song form.  It’s sometimes difficult to decide when a song is done.  This may be the most difficult part of writing music.

I'm Very Surprise with Amazing Concept Sound Production for this Material after Hear for some Teaser Album, what Is this already a Trademark for PILLORY established itself from the beginning? and how PILLORY still able to maintain all of this until now?
Darren Cesca - To be honest, I was not happy with the final product sonically for the first album.  Too many opinions got in the way and unfortunately the final product suffered for that.  Going forward, I always want to retain some of the Pillory grit and and dirtiness but will also always look to improve the presentation of the music. I want to make sure that the sound of the album creates a personality so that the listener knows it is Pillory but at the same time, the mix is clear and extremely enjoyable to listen to.

PILLORY is dedicated to the destruction and recreation of the current death metal paradigm, and a return the true spirit of the Evolution brought to light by the vision quests of its progenitors. Please tell something about the lyrics and what they deal with? How With " Evolutionary Miscarriage " mean?
Darren Cesca - I think this was explained in a previous question but in short, “Evolutionary Miscarriage” is an examination of the imperfections of the human race.  It tells us that even though sometimes we (humans) think of ourselves as the superior race in the universe we are not untouchable.  The power of Evolution has created us but can just as quickly destroy us.  What’s to say this isn’t in our future?

For Darren, how many times For Practical you play the drums in a week ? What if you first composed at home and bring it in Rehearsal? or you have a more simple method to working it ? remembering You playing in several bands at once. What brands would you like to endorse Now?
Darren Cesca - My practice schedules varies much these days.  I typically do something related to music almost everyday.  It might be drumming, or composing, playing guitar, working on vocals or doing production work in my studio.  When I am preparing for something specific I will focus on that everyday.  I am always well prepared for the studio and like to track quality performances quickly and efficiently. I would like to thanks TRX cymbals for all their support.  That have a great product and I’m very pleased to be using their cymbals on all my recordings. http://trxcymbals.com/ I would also like to thank dB drumshoes.  I have been using their shoes for over 10 years and won’t play drums without them! http://www.drumshoes.com/ Also thank you to Kickport.  It’s a great little product with a lot of extra boom! http://kickport.com/

And What You work on every day in addition Beside to playing music?
Darren Cesca - I spend time with my wonderful family. That sure keeps me busy!  I also live a very fit lifestyle.  I am in my home gym almost everyday, going for a run, or outside playing sports with the kids.  I will always lead an active lifestyle. I enjoy shooting and editing video also.  I use this to help promote my music and to create something different for the fans to enjoy.  When I have free time I will play some video games as well or spend time with friends.

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. The last words are yours!
Darren Cesca - I just want to say thanks to all my friend and family that have supported me!  Thanks to the fans that supported the first record, I hope you enjoy this one even more.  I hope to release more Pillory material in the future.  Also thanks to Unique Leader Records for releasing and helping promote the album.

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