NECROBIOTIC Interview (Brazil)

Answered By F.A.C.O. ( Guitars/Vocal ) 
Update 22 Mei 2012

Formed In The First Half Of The 90's, Necrobiotic Performed For Long Years In The Brazilian Metal Scene, Doing A Lot Of Shows And Releasing The Demo "Carnal Suffering Of The War" In 1997. In 1998 The Band Sliptted Up And Interrupted Indefinitely Their Activities. In 2009 Some Old Friends, Crazy To Play Death Metal, Decided To Ressurect Necrobiotic, Injecting New Blood, And Some Old Blood Too, In The Brazilian Extreme Metal Scene. At The End Of 2010 The Band Recorded Their First Album "Alive And Rotting". The Album Was Release By "Songs For Satan" In Brazil In June 2011. Necrobiotic Has Played In A Lot Of Gigs In 2010 And 2011. In 2012 The "Alive And Rotting" Album Will Be Released By "No Label Records" In Indonesia, And Will Be Distributed Worldwide! In Our Myspace You Can Hear A Taste Of Album "Alive And Rotting"! Stay Rot!!!

How did NECROBIOTIC form, and what were your influences? What made you choose to be a death metal band for Great Choosen till Now?
F.A.C.O.: Necrobiotic formed in 1994. J. Hell still the only original member from that time. He was the drummer. My first appearance int he band was in 1996. About our influences, we listen everything inside the metal music, from Doom Metal to Grindcore, but we have a special passion for Death Metal. I believe that Carcass, Entombed and Sarcofago are our biggest influences. It is very good to be in Death Metal band, Extreme until the end!

About NECROBIOTIC Original Meaning Medical Name ??
F.A.C.O.:The name was taken from a Carcass song, Pungent Excruciation. About the medical meaning, the lyrics of “Into Necrobiotic” talk about that. Its is a term used to refer to someone that is suffering from Necrobiosis.

NECROBIOTIC can I considered a Old School Death Metal with Splatter Lyric Everywhere. What are your thoughts on the term?
F.A.C.O.: Well, yes, it is a good beginning. But we dont want to be trapped in a term. Like I said before, we have a lot of influences, and we want to use then all. But we ways put in it a Death Metal point of view

Tell me For CD , " Alive And Rotting " is a masterpiece that unites your past with a future direction I can't quite figure out. Were there additional influences or developments to your style? Where do you go from here?
F.A.C.O.: Thank you for the masterpiece! It is difficult to say were are we going, but it still Old School Death Metal. Maybe we are going further at the boundaries of our influences. The new songs are more Grindcore, and sometimes more Doom. I believe we will always develop and add more influences too our sound, but never loosing the main direction, that is Death Metal.

And How with " Carnal Suffering of the War " Demo on 1997? Is it already too Expire and Out of date with the band concept now? Or Keepin it ??
F.A.C.O.: We are keeping it! Naturally the demo is a picture of another time, We were all teenagers in 90s , and the metal scene was a quite different from today.
The concept of “Carnal Suffering of the War” is the same of the 'Alive and Rotting”, we just get older, and play better..... kkkkk.

how you can meet with No Label records and agreed to Re-Release CD " Alive And Rotting " from First Release By Songs for Satan?, does have a NECROBIOTIC Special Criteria for a Label Records to be released CD this Band?
F.A.C.O.: I have a friend in São Paulo, at Goretomb Records. He told me that the sent some of our cds to No Label Records. In that time our first version of the cd was near the to end. So, I thought why not try to release it in Asia? I wrote to Fitrah and ask him to release it in Indonesia, he was interested and we make our deal! We are very happy with release of our cd by the No Label Records! We are being distributed worldwide now, specially in Indonesia that is well know metalhead country. About the Labels, we just want respected with our music and with ourselves, and naturally it has to be a Metal Label.

How much guitar overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the NECROBIOTIC formula to work properly?
F.A.C.O.: Not very much, we did some overdubs and harmonizartion. Yes the better way for us is to record the music by layers adding each instrument in each layer.

Is it important for death metal to be a genre of "respectable" skills, one that outsiders may not enjoy but can appreciate for its creative force?
F.A.C.O.: Creative force is more importatnt.

Like in the late 1970s, metal feels to many people like it has lost direction and become hollow. Is a change in direction needed, and if so, will that come from within metal?
F.A.C.O.: I dont think metal is hollow, not today, not in the past and not in the future. It is an artistic expression with a great value, at least for me.

An undercurrent of classic Death metal. The band seeks to remain true to the standards of acts like Death, Entombed, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and Napalm Death, while putting its own signature dynamic into the mix, What inspired you to explore music in this way?
F.A.C.O.: We have our point of view about the scene, about the music, so son....We are into the metal scene for a long time, so we have some personality. This is our way to do Death Metal.

I think many bands have great ideas for lyrics and concepts and metal in all forms really is very widely open to really any subject matter. Doesn't always have to deal with death and gore being bummed out, NECROBIOTIC Keep using Issues Theme From Death, Socio-political, Life, Maybe " Love " Issues Till Now?
F.A.C.O.: The is no limit for us in the lyric themes. We just do what we want to do. It is like a personal inspiration that comes. Actually, we have some new songs that vary in the themes. “Desire of Power”, for example, its is a new song we wrote that talks about Love, Passion, Domination and Submission, and we have another themes too. There is no boundaries, but I have to say that we like gore and anti-religion themes.


F.A.C.O.: It can change, but right now this is my Death Metal favourite albums

01 Left Hand Path - Entombed
02 Altars of Madness – Morbid Angel
03 Necroticism Descanting the Insalubrious – Carcass
04 The Laws of Scourge – Sarcófago
05 Indecent and Obscene – Dismember
06 Macabre Eternal – Autopsy
07 Bestial Devastation - Sepultura
08 Mondo Medicale – Impaled
09 The Bledding – Cannibal Corpse
10 Cause of Death – Obituary

Can you tell me how the developments Extreme Music Movement on Brazil, Especially from Divinópolis, for Now? Is Brazil Scene is still a good land for the Movement & development of Old School Death Metal Music? Any Recommend For New Freak Band Name Here??
F.A.C.O.: Brazil has a big underground metal scene. We had some old big and famous band too.

Here in our hometown we have a small scene, but with very good banger friends. Here we have two or three more bands. I dont know if the scene is very connected to old Death Metal anymore, I think that Thrash and Black metal are the most “famous” style these days. I recomend Expurgo and Preceptor, those two bands are very good.

Any Plan NECROBIOTIC for Upcoming Soon ??
F.A.C.O.: We have some shows to do until august/september, we still playing Alive and Rotting a lot! But I think that in the second semester we will finish the next album, and try to record it until the end of the year. And ,off course, we still planning to go to Indonesia!

Thanks for the truly great interview. I really enjoyed it and now have to give my hands a rest from typing!
F.A.C.O.: Thank you for the space! If you want know Necrobiotic, go to

Stay Rot!  

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