OMOPHAGIA Interview (Zurich, Switzerland)

(2007) Omophagia came into existence in December 2006 when Beni (Vocals) and Henrique (guitar) decided to found a deathmetal band. Soon after Raphael (guitar), RafaHell (bass guitar) und Lehmä (drums) joined and so Omophagia became a complete band in May 2007.

(2008) Omophagia got the first possibilities to play live and in March they recorded and released their demo called “Devouring Raw Flesh” by themselves. Unfortunately Raphael decided to leave the band in the beginning of September due to time-reasons, but not long after his retreat Mischa became his dignified replacement. Meanwhile Omophagia played more than a dozen concerts including the Metalfest at Z7 where they had the honor to play with Morbid Angel, Kataklysm and Keep Of Kalessin.

(2009) For Omophagia the next year has begun at least as successful as past one. They got the occasion to play many concerts and festivals nation-wide and abroad, for example at Tran-silvania CH, at the notorious Mountains Of Death and also at the Metalcamp Slovenia. At the end of 2009, Omophagia started the preparations for their forthcoming debut-album.Because of money- and time-reasons they decided to record it by themselves, therefore they rebuilt their rehearsal-room into a studio.  

(2010) Omophagia put a lot of energy into new songs and started to record their new album „Guilt By Nescience“. Meanwhile Omophagia had a good reputation among the swiss deathmetal- scene and was able to play many concerts (for example as support of Belphegor).  

(2011) The year started very well with supporting the band Hail of Bullets in January. Furthermore the recordings for the debut-album were completed and have been sent to “Hertz”-Studio in Poland (Decapitated, Vader, Behemoth, Hate etc.) for mixing and mastering.Afterwards the first setback appeared by the exit of Lehmä due to time-reasons. But still, at the 14th of May, Omophagia re-leased their debut-album called „Guilt By Nescience“ after four years of band-existence and almost 40 concerts. Unfortunately the release-party had to be played without any drummer (just with drum-tracks). Omophagia decided not to play any further concerts without a drummer and therefore was looking for a good replacement for Lehmä.At the end of July Omophagia has been completed again by the joining of a very talented drummer called Stefan Wild and is stronger than ever! 

(2012) Omophagia was able to play at the biggest Metal-Festival in Switzerland to date called Meh Suff. In addition a big dream came true by supporting Brujeria at their first and only swiss show. Meanwhile Omop- hagia started to write new songs and began prepera- tions to record another album. In addition to that Omophagia had to move out of their previous rehearsal-room and found a new one in Zurich City. They decided to build their own studio for being totally independent and flexible. 9 months of hard work of constructing their studio had begun.

(2013) In February Omophagia was invited to play at Coyote Brutal Fest 7 Moscow. But besides this show not many concerts were given sinceOmophagia had to concentrate on building their studio and writing new songs. By the end of the year Omophagia completed the working on the studio and the recordings for the new album could be started.

(2014/2015) Omophagia completed their work on their new album called „In The Name Of Chaos“. The album was again mixed and mastered by the mighty Hertz Studio in Poland. Also they shot a professional music video of one of their songs.Everything is ready to release the fastest and heaviest album in Omophagias history. The release date is set to spring 2016 before they go on tour with Morgoth and Incantation.

Hello! No waste of good suffering is wanted, give us a penetrating introduction to OMOPHAGIA and don't hesitate to stuff it hard! It seems the musicians of OMOPHAGIA play or used to play in various other outfits before... Is the band supposed to be a new and totally fresh entity, or rather the continuation of another one that existed before?
Mischa : Hi Herry! We are a Swiss Death Metal band with members from Brazil. That’s why we call our music Swiss Brazilian Death Metal. We try to combine fast, aggressive drums and nervous, technical guitar parts with groovy parts and catchy melodies and an attitude of macho militant hostility.

Congratulation for New Album … Pure madness with perfect, Sophisticate, Unearthly production and There are a still lot of pieces of Brutality scattered throughout the album. Now tell us about the concept and story behind this masterpiece. The Cool story behind new " In the Name of Chaos ". The story is cool and Imentioned several influences in my review. so Let's talk about " In the Name of Chaos ".
Mischa : Our album, our suits and our cover criticise the monotony and the loss of autonomy in the daily life we live. People live like a wheel in the engine, doing their daily business like robots controlled by a higher power, namely the seek of material wealth. This concept combines the brutality and the straightforwardness OMOPHAGIA is standing for.

What inspires you/the band now a days? What is your inspiration to create music, what is your drive?
Mischa : We have no particular inspiration. There are many bands we admire from Old School Death Metal to Technical Death Metal. But our ideas come from any music we hear during our daily life. One riff on our first album for example was inspired by a song from a tv commercial.

I wonder how's the interest from the underground Metal media before release? How did the reviews turn out? How many interviews have you answered and how's the response for " In the Name of Chaos " from the media and the fans up to now? How long did you orgasm last when the new album was released?
Mischa : We just released our album 4 weeks months ago and we have been on an EU and UK tour with MORGOTH and INCANTATION for two weeks. We made some interviews and we got some reviews so far. We are very happy with the reactions. Our first video DOWN WE FALL was a blast. 

Awesome Progress when OMOPHAGIA can join with Unique Leader Records. whether they will give a better future? So far the biggest thing Unique Leader Records for the " In the Name of Chaos " ?
Mischa : We are very proud and grateful to be a part of UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS. That gave us much more attention than we had before.

Your music is quite seriously an Exercise in Blistering Adrenaline ... skilled musicianship, the perfectly balanced song structures and the inhuman ferocity of the songs. Don't tell me "it's just how we feel", it should be directed towards someone or something... There’s something perversely satisfying about the surprise of seeing a flesh-eating band dressed to the nines in business attire kicking down the door to a blast furnace of superheated death metal. and how the process of making this new material? whether all members are involved in every writing music?
Mischa : Haha, thank you for analysing our music that accurately! We just love fast drums and we love fast guitars and sweeps. We also love brutal growls and morbid themes. So as you see, there is much love in our music. Henrique is mainly responsible for the riffs and I am mainly responsible for the solos. Together with some ideas of Beni we compose our songs on the computer. Then we show it to the rest of the band. Finally in the rehearsals everyone brings in a final touch.  

What is the special thing with OMOPHAGIA ?The Bomblast Drumming must be More Blaster? Or is it much more? How much material overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the OMOPHAGIA formula to work properly? and Good fuckin job for Jay Blaisdell keepin kickin my Ass !
Beni : Layering is always a topic when it comes to recording. Actually we record our stuff in our own studio and let the mixing and mastering do somebody else. So far we worked together with Hertz studio Poland which is a very nice studio indeed (Decapitated, Behemoth, Hate, and many more). I dont think that we use some kind of special technics in the studio. It’s just the usual stuff we use. This time we used 4 rhythm guitar tracks which was kinda new to us. For us it is very important that we are able to play our tracks the same manner thaaht we recorded it. So no vodoo here ;-).

brutal blasting drums meets massive, buzzing riffs, framed by soulful leads, rounded off by classic deep-growled vocals. Rhythmical variability and a well-balanced sound make Guilt By Nescience a record for friends of brutal sounds on a technical high level. I'm Very Surprise with Amazing Sound Production for this album, what Is this already a Trademark for OMOPHAGIA established itself from the beginning? and how OMOPHAGIA still able to maintain all of this until now?
Beni : I think it is very important to have a proper music production. As said we are forntunately able to record our stuff on our own. But this is more to save money rather than to improve the production. It also has the big advantage that we are able to record when we have time for it. As hard working people this is very important. We have done this in the past few years and also with the past album. So yes, this is standard one can expect from us ;-)...
Mischa : Because our music is very fast and technical, the production has to be clear, tight and on a high quality level. 

and in Arranging songs, whether OMOPHAGIA pressing to play more Dynamic, Faster than Faster?
Mischa : We always want to push ourselves and improve our skills. Speed is important for us but nevertheless we keep an eye on groove and melodies.

OMOPHAGIA Clip is Awesome ! How you can find ideas like this? whether "We Fall Down" enough to give a description all the material into " In the Name of Chaos " as a whole?
Mischa : Thank you. The director was the mastermind behind that and we created everything with him. He is a great guy with a lot of great ideas and a good eye for aesthetics.

" In The Name Of Chaos " is technical, razor sharp and pummeling, and whilethe band’s Blood-splattered press photos make them look more like Reservoir Dogs by way of Rambo than the riff-laden death dealers they are, don’t be put off by their appearance. How can you explain more about this? whether it be a collective agreement or become one Member idea?
Mischa : At the beginning of OMOPHAGIA, we used to play in an ordinary Death Metal look like jeans and metal shirts. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and honestly playing in a suit is not a new idea. But playing in jeans and metalshirts isn’t new either. We spent a lot of time to play our music on a technical high level and to play it on stage as tight as possible.  As a next step we had to think about our perfomance on stage to give the best show to the audience. That means we had to discuss our stage performance and outfit. That’s how the idea of a bloody suit was born which underlines the messages of our lyrics.

Where do you think or where do you want OMOPHAGIA to be 10 years from now?
Mischa : There are many things changing at the moment so we have no idea what we can expect from the future. We have a deal with UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS, we released our album and a videoclip and we’ve been on our first tour. Now it’s up to the people out there if they like our stuff or not. Until now, we had excelent feedbacks and we are ready to bring the best music we can play and perform to the stages. So we can look forward to the future.

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. You can add what you wish, I let you conclude all last word this Interview !
Mischa : Thank you for this interview.

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