FRACTURED INSANITY Interview (Moorsele, West Flanders, Belgium)

The first signs of the band go back in May 2004 when two individuals, Kenny(guitar) and Didier(bass) finally found a drummer who was capable to play the music style in the person of Ignace! We rehearsed and wrote new material untill March 2005 when we decided to search for a vocalist. After a few weeks we met up with Rob who was willing and capable to perform the duties as a frontman. The line-up was complete ... 2008 brought new challenges to the Fractured camp. In March new guitarist Dieter entered the band, and in November, when Rob decided to quit the band, we found a new frontman in mister Cid Jimenez. In january 2010 Cid decided to quit, now the band is busy rehearsing and preparing a new singer and a new upcoming fullalbum that will be recorded in hertz studio in bailystok. Fafa(vocals) & Tom(bass) joined the band to promote Mass Awakeless. After a while they parted ways with the band and got replaced by the big appearence of Stefan who is taking care of the bass and vocal part in the band.

Hello! No waste of good suffering is wanted, give us a penetrating introduction to FRACTURED INSANITY and don't hesitate to stuff it hard! It seems the musicians of FRACTURED INSANITY play or used to play in various other outfits before... Is the band supposed to be a new and totally fresh entity, or rather the continuation of another one that existed before?
Dieter Daems : Fractured started back in 2004 with Kenny on guitar, Ignace on drums, Didier on bass and Rob on vocals. Over the years we had some line-up changes (Cid and Fafa on vocals, Tom on bass, Dieter on guitar) but at this point, the line-up is the same for the past 3 years with Stefan on vocals and bass. In the past Ignace was also drummer for Huldrefolk, I (Dieter) played guitar for Pulverize and Stefan played with Upperhand and Ordeal.

What inspires you/the band now a days? What is your inspiration to create music, what is your drive?
Dieter Daems : There are indeed some anti- christian themes on the album. But you can also look at it as anti-religion. When a god tells you to kill other people who don't believe him, this religion ain't worth shit. Some of the lyrics were written after the attacks on Paris in 2015, so terrorism is also a theme. Others are Ancient Rome, disseases, depression and so on. people always feared live after death. They always feared they would go to hell. Well, don't fear the afterlife, hell is already here. Man has already created hell on earth.

I wonder how's the interest from the underground Metal media before release? How did the reviews turn out? How many interviews have you answered and how's the response for " Man Made Hell " from the media and the fans up to now? How long did you orgasm last when the new album was released?
Dieter Daems : We get great response! Ofcourse its hard to get noticed and to get some attention. On daily base dozens of albums are released. We don't have a mayor label like Metalblade behind us or a big promo-team. A lot of promo we do ourself by sending albums, emails and messages. But we're not that good at it. We're not big fans of social media. Nevertheless, in these times you need social media so we do our best.

So far how about Relationships are bound FRACTURED INSANITY with Xtreem Music, this Second releases Band handled as well by Xtreem Music, is already a very Good Relations if FRACTURED INSANITY will forever cooperate with them? or you want to give for another answer?
Dieter Daems : This is indeed our second album with them. We have a 2-album contract with them. At this point we don't know where we will release our next album, but not a single note has been written for a new one, so that's not a problem for now. We have good contacts with them. They have good distribution and make sure the album gets around the world. After the release of Mass Awakeless they took us on a UK weekendtour with Avulsed and Basement Torture Killings, which was a great opportunity for us and opened a lot of doors for us. The year after we played London DeathFest with Deicide, Belphegor and Hour of Penance. In the meanwhile we played like 4 times in London. Probably one of our favorite cities to play!

This is the first material to Stefan Van Bael, so far how the impression Band get the result of his hardwork? according to the band, if there are many changes that occur in " Man Made Hell "?
Dieter Daems : I know stefan already for a long time. He played in Upperhand and Ordeal. These were bands I saw a lot of times play live when I was a teenager. We lived in the same area. He's not the most technical bass player, but he has a great sound and can put the right notes on the right place. His vocals are amazing! Fractured is the first band where he combines vocals and bass, so it took a while for him to get there. But we always liked the idea to be a 4-piece band, like Morbid Angel, Slayer or Deicide. This means also that we have more space on stage, which is nice hehe.

An excellent album that should be heard. If you really consider yourself a metalhead, give this band a try. and how the process of making this new material? whether all members are involved in every writing music?
Dieter Daems : Yes, all the songs were written in the rehearsalroom with all 4 of us there. I think maybe 2 songs were finished before Stefan became frontman. Most of the times Kenny or I show up at rehearsal with some riffs and then we work further to create a song. Sometimes songs are finished in 2 or 3 rehearsals. Some songs like The Blame of Humanity take like 3 years to be fully finished. We have the opportunity to record during rehearsals, which means when we're stuck with a song, we record it and another rehearsal we pick it up again and work further from where we left.

What is the special thing with FRACTURED INSANITY? The Bomblast Drumming must be More Blaster? More Darkened Material? Or is it much more? How much material overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the FRACTURED INSANITY formula to work properly?
Dieter Daems : Ignace took 2 weeks vacation from his work to record the drums. Everything was recorded at his studio. Every guitarpart is 4 layers. 2 layers on Kenny's gear, which is a Vigier guitar and Engl Special Edition amp, and 2 layers on my LTD ec-1000 guitar and Engl Powerball amp. Vocals are also done in more layers. We always liked what Deicide did in the past with the vocals

I'm Very Surprise with Amazing Sound Production for this album, what Is this already a Trademark for FRACTURED INSANITY established itself from the beginning? and how FRACTURED INSANITY still able to maintain all of this until now? Stay workin in Hertz Studios, Polish? 
Dieter Daems : For brutal death metal Hertz Studios is the best you can get in Europe! For the previous album we went 2 weeks to their studio in Poland, but we couldn't make it happpen this time. So now we recorded everything at our own studio, and mix and master we're done in Poland.

Your music is quite seriously Brutal, Dark and Dynamic ... skilled musicianship, the perfectly balanced song structures and the inhuman ferocity of the songs. Don't tell me "it's just how we feel", it should be directed towards someone or something... So what's the reason for so much of Brutal Death Metal and obscure feelings influenced heavily by the early 90's death metal scene?
Dieter Daems : We all grew up listening to bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Carcass, Nile, Behemoth, Suffocation and so on. So ofcourse these influences you can find in our music. But you can also hear black metal influences, or some more progressive stuff. Also classical music is a big influence for us.

and in Arranging songs, whether FRACTURED INSANITY pressing to play more Endless Dark, Faster than Faster?
Dieter Daems : A lot of bands are trying to become faster than fast, but that's not our goal. We want to create music we like in the first place. If we like it, then we can play it for other people. We would never play music just because we think people would like it. We don't earn any money with this music (it costs us more than we get back from it haha!)

In my opinion, become very Fanatic since EP "The Ethics of Nihility", remind I have never been separated at all when in the naming FRACTURED INSANITY. You guys have a good formation since 2004, especially for Drummer Powerfully Ignace, His Amazing Drummer !!! how do you actually retain this concept? whether the ability and power begin speak?
Dieter Daems : He's indeed an amazing drummer. If it wasn't for him, Fractured would not exist. No seriously, if he ever quits, I don't think the band will live on. Not only is he one of the best death metal drummers in Belgium, he is also very dedicated + he has his own rehearsal room and his own studio.

Where do you think or where do you want FRACTURED INSANITY to be 10 years from now?
Dieter Daems : Not easy to say. Brutal Death Metal is not something you can play until you're 60 years old. When we feel we can't play it anymore, or when it's no more fun, we quit the band. We also want to keep improving, we want to have the feeling we're getting better then before. Every album from Fractured is completely different from the previous, yet you always hear it's Fractured. We also try to put other influences in the albums, which makes it also more interesting for us as musicians to play our music.

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. You can add what you wish, I let you conclude all last word this Interview !
Dieter Daems : Thx a lot for your interest in Fractured Insanity! Always nice to see people from the other side of the world like our music :). Also thx for the nice review you wrote about our new album. I hope all you people will head over to our FB and order our new record! Cheerz!

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