GOD DEFAMER Interview (Slovakia)

René Blahušiak ( Guitars )

Tell Me About Your Hometown And What The Music Scene Was Like Growing Up There. At What Point In Your Life Did You Decide You Wanted To Be A Musician?
Rene: I was growing up in a rather small town. In 80s when I started to listen to heavy metal there were many kids around who liked this extreme music genre and wanted to play in a metal band. It was same with me. Immediately after I started to like heavy metal I craved for a career of a musician. Of course, it takes a lot and my dream never came true in full. But, I am satisfied. There were about 5 bands in our town when it all begun.

SURPRISE !!!! "Heavenly Hell " CD Is An Fuckin REAL KICK OFF Album And Has Already Become My Favorite Release Of 2010. This truly extraordinary work that I listen again. and Give me 4 Words for " Heavenly Hell " CD !!
Rene: It is fucking difficult to make up just 4 words referring to this album. Well, then it might be: Progressive death metal album

About Process Recording "Heavenly Hell" Are You Satisfy with the Result ?? and How Response from the Audience after Release??
Rene: We are pretty much satisfied. We wanted to make sure the result will be over the average records and therefore chose an experienced producer and a well equipped studio. Of course, there is always something you would make other way or differently. However I think this is the best we could do at that time. I think we do not need to ashamed. Not every band manages to make such a good result already on their debut album. So far we are not getting many responses from abroad as the international promotion is up to start only these days. From Slovak and Czech audience and magazines we are receiving only good response. So far I did not hear any negative words, which makes us happy.

Is there still a bad comment from several media " Arrogance " who still have not received this terrible work for reasons less popular in the media industry?
Rene: No, we are only dealing with medias who also deal with this kind of music. We have two major professional magazines distributed in Slovakia which are also written in Slovak / Czech language (we understand well both languages). One of them is Rockhard and the other Spark. In Rock hard we got excellent review + interview. Spark rather kept distance but we got 5 out of 6 points in review which is very good too. In a total chart we were ranked higher than the new album of Architects, which is a hell yeah good band.

Strong reasons for you to use the Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween) to work on the process of recording this CD? if Roland has been helping create Death Metal Sound good? because I know that Roland is not a musician of Death Metal Genre.
Rene: As I said we did not want to admit a chance the album will be sounding badly. Roland has one of the best studios around. He records many bands of different metal subgenres, e.g. heavy, speed, symphonic, metal core, doom but also death metal. He recorded his last Masterplan albums there too. We liked the production of Masterplans but also productions of some of bands he recorded & produced. In fact, we were probably the first band of this extreme genre coming and recording there (shortly after us Smashed Face entered the studio). Of course, while recording Roland had to get used to some of our patterns, especially drumming. We are using variety of rhythms he never recorded before. At the end of the day (mainly mixing and mastering) Roland was helping with his ideas and opinions which made this album differ from other domestic records.

so far how to work GOTHOOM PRODUCTIONS for the CD "Heavenly Hell" if they had done a good job?
Rene: Gothoom is really doing a great job. They are trying to support us as much as possible. So far there was a massive promotion mainly in Slovakia and Czech. They are regularly advertising in Rockhard. We got a nice merchandise too. Soon there should start some international promotion campaign which should help us to become known abroad too.

God Defamer debute CD contains most musically Technical complex and Intense hyper Sick material, Death metal with modern metal elements & patterns.do you also agree with my opinion of this? or there may be a little extra that can describe the true concept of music do you offer now?
Rene: No, nothing to add. You described it well. I think the result could not be different considering the past of each musician in the band. I was growing up on death metal and played this music for year. On the other hand Alex is more into progressive styles. These days I personally prefer more melodic stuff and this is the reason why we sound as we do. Next album should be more in the vain of our songs Murders from the past or Another day Another death.

Music Dementors are some characters I found here, whether that concept is already one of the basic concept of your own music style?a brand band yet following the roots he established with Dementor.
Rene: this was the initial idea to start somewhere where I ended up with Dementor yet develop this style. After Alex joined us, I realized it is not a proper strategy to go out and try to copy Dementor. I realized Alex can bring much more potential and I submitted to this. We gave him freedom in composing songs and ha came with more technical, yet melodic and progressive songs. I like it and also considering my current musical preferences this is the way GD should take. I definitely do not want to dig into classical death metal stuff.

To you, a lyric in his presence do you think is something important or not at all, Music is more important ! how do you think a good lyric that? or you guys more importance on a concept of music without thinking of a lyric ??

Rene: For me musick was always most important. Lyrics were just tool for explaining my ideas. Usually we also create lyrics separately from the music. Then after the song is musically finished lyrics take the place and gets adjusted into the music.

Why Jaro Kyselica vocalist decided to quit before the process of recording this CD? whether the entry of Peter Hija (ex-Moonfog) became the primary choice when you think about the character Vocal?
Rene: Jaro had really hard time to make himself free for all band activities. He has job where he is working in 4 shift operation. He had free only one weekend out of 4. For concerts he had to take days off and sometimes it was not that easy. Also he also has children he needs to visit every other weekend. He was aware he can not dedicate enough time to GD and announced us his intention to quit. It was several months before the recording with still enough time to get a good replacement. At this point we did not want Jaro to record it with us but wanted to involve a new singer which will be then continuing with us. Peter was one of the options we had. We were considering all pros and cons of each candidate and finally picked Peter. It was nothing unknown for us as he was helping us in gigs when Jaro was not able to participate.

Do you download songs on the Internet is a Crime Action for Mainstream Music Industry, but for bands that want to find popular is a good step, and whether the presence of MP3 is still too is considered something that is illegal for major label music industry?

Rene: Usually I download songs in order to first listen to the album. If I like it I usually buy an original CD. However I am not much into collecting CDs any more. I still have a huge CD collection which I want to sell as most of the titles I have not heard for years and also do not intend to play anymore. MP3 format is currently the most comfortable for me as I can load one disk with 500 songs and then listen to it in the car while I am driving. Basically the car is now the main place for me to listen to the music. So why to hold a CD collection then? Well, from the other perspectives: labels do not like when people illegally download because they are loosing money. They have to heavily invest in recordings, promotion and other stuff and then they never get money back. This is mainly problem for major labels who are dealing with major bands and major financial budgets. Some of them try to adjust themselves and provide paid downloads on their web sites. I think this is a good way! Finally bands who are recording their firsts albums in the form of DIY maybe like when people can download their music free. This is the way how to fast and effectively promote the band and get their music to masses. We have to live with all the technical achievements and fight it to be successful.

Then How do you comment on the amendment is so "Basic" with Myspace site? because a lot of friends bands who objected to all these undesirable changes, whether you agree with a new look Myspace now?
Rene: I do not like the new layout for a basic reason: it started to be very slow. It take minutes until my explorer displays all the features. Also there is some shitty disco music always playing when I open the site and I can not switch it off :-) But I understand them. They want to make it more attractive for bands but also less hack-free. There was a lot of illegal SW in place for adjusting the content of Myspace. I do not wonder they got pissed off. I see that also the new layout can be customized pretty much. I hope it will become better after they catch and remove all those bad things.

What Can We Expect From God Defamer Over The Next Few Years After " Heavenly Hell " CD?
Rene: We want to play as many gigs as possible in order to promote our name and also sell some nice merchandise we have ready for sale. Of course, we will be trying to prepare a new stuff. This one should be out not later than mid of 2012.

Thank you very much for your time for this, give you the best last words in this simple interview to Lost In Chaos Readers, Take a Best and You Rule !!

Thank you too Herry. Once again sorry for this terrible delay! Take care!


Mobil Rene: +421 949 302285 (02);
e-mail: rene.blahusiak@imafex.sk

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