Fully Consumed emerged onto the scene in 2003 with a fast, furious and chaotic style. Each Fully Consumed song is riddled with acrobatic guitars, punishing bass, explosive drums and inhuman vocals. With a self titled EP released on Epitomite Productions, a split titled "Four Ways of Brutality" released on Russia's Magik Art Entertainment and self released demos and compilations, Fully Consumed is a band that earns attention. Fully Consumed's intense and high energy live show has concreted a fan base locally as well as surrounding areas. With the recent recording of enough material for a full length cd Fully Consumed charges forward with experience and determination.

Hi Jeff, thanks for showing interest in answering this interview. How are you? Anything important to start with?
Jeff Shepler : Hello to you and your readers.  I am doing well.  Thanks for your interest in Fully Consumed!

" Incendium " has initiated a new run of FULLY CONSUMED I think. How far the response and received after the band release "Incendium" ?
Jeff Shepler : Well he haven’t actually released it yet. The packaging is almost complete.  We did decide to go ahead and make it available digitally at band camp.  So far all the response has been positive.  Limited, but positive.

I wonder how's the interest from the underground Metal media so far? How did the reviews turn out? How many interviews have you answered and how's the response for " Incendium " from the media and the fans up to now? How long did you orgasm last when the new album was released?
Jeff Shepler : This is the first interview I’ve done since we finished recording Incendium.  We haven’t really pushed it yet, so we haven’t had much response.  Hopefully we will get it released in its physical form in the next month or so, then we will be pushing it hard.

whether "Incendium" was only released in digital format only on Bandcamp? How to Release its Physical and who will handle? and How to Epitomite Productions?

Jeff Shepler : We are still shopping for a label for the physical release.  We will release it ourselves if need be. Either way, it will be out soon.

We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule promoting your new album and rehearsing for your tour to take some time out to answer some questions for your fans. What's going on in the FULLY CONSUMED camp these days? Any "sensational and Nice" latest news?
Jeff Shepler : Our main concerns right now are getting the packaging together so we can release this thing, and rehearsing so that we can bring the recording to life on stage.  We do have several local shows booked and we are playing the NJ Deathfest on December 6.  That should be a good time.

With a powerful array of Bizzare riffs, haunting Harmonization, blazing guitar, earth-shattering drumming, odd time signatures, dizzying bass and commanding vocals Now tell us about the concept and story behind this masterpiece. The Cool story behind " Incendium ". The story is cool and I mentioned several influences in my review.

Jeff Shepler : Thanks for all the kind words!  Incendium is not a concept album in that there is not a story line that develops and unfolds throughout.  There is however a unifying concept behind every FC song, and that is to create a unique, intense, musically and rhythmically challenging listening experience.  I always strive to push myself and my band –mates in every song.

Technical Epic Fucking Brutality! These are the only words that can accurately describe FULLY CONSUMED. If you really consider yourself a metalhead, give this band a try. and how the process of making this material? whether all members are involved in every writing music? Blending together an array of haunting technical passages, classical movements, grim ambience and relentless brutality, with a diverse assortment of highly intelligible extreme vocals. Making it is easy to hear the vast collection of influences that are incorporated within FULLY CONSUMED music.
Jeff Shepler : As for the writing process, we are definitely riff driven.  For the most part, I write riffs and throw them out to the guys, at which point I get their input.  We usually do most of the arrangements as a group.  Once the song is arranged, Robert weaves his vocal patterns throughout.  Influences…. I find it hard not to be influenced by just about everything I hear.  I have a wide range of musical interests.  Obviously I love deathmetal, but I also enjoy classical, rock, blues, funk, jazz, and just about anything else.  I am a huge fan of odd metered material.  I don’t write that way intentionally, it just happens.

What is the special thing with FULLY CONSUMED? The guitar must be always Fastest? Bass guitar and drums are allowed to be more progressive? Or is it much more? How much guitar overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the FULLY CONSUMED formula to work properly?
Jeff Shepler : The guitars and drums are usually leading the way.  Matt and I aren’t just about speed though. It’s also about technique, and writing an interesting part.  Jesse does an amazing job on the bass.  He has a terrific sense of when to fly, and when to drop it down and create that huge sound.  And the most recent addition is Dan Gates.  Adding him on guitar has added a whole new dimension to the FC sound.  We are bigger, thicker and heavier.  And harmonies that I used to dream about are now a reality.  In the recording process for Incendium, we employed a technique that was new for us, re-amping.  Dan, Jesse, and I recorded our parts at our own homes.  We took those tracks to the studio and re-amped them.  This gave us the freedom to take more time on each track.  We are pleased with the results.  There are multiple takes, but this recording is an accurate representation of what we deliver live.

The musical approach is certainly ever-changing and pleasingly different. However, I hope you don't mind me saying, your Concept approach on this album is little or Changed than before. aren't always exactly what you'd expect. What was the motivation behind approaching the Changed in such an unusual manner? is comprised of well-rounded musicians, who strive for technical proficiency on an individual level, so as to best perform music that requires a high level of instrumental prowess to execute. However, meticulously composing their material to properly express their aesthetic vision.
Jeff Shepler : Wow! You pretty much summed it up.  Although I’m not sure if the material demands the ability or vise versa.  Lots of guys out there can shred, but that doesn’t mean they write good, interesting music.  And on the other hand, some of my favorite bands write stripped down, simple music, but they make it interesting and appealing.  For me it’s about keeping it fresh.  Song to song, and within each song, I can’t stand to play any one riff for too long.

Sound Production for this album, what Is this already a Trademark for FULLY CONSUMED established itself from the beginning? and how FULLY CONSUMED still able to maintain all of this until now?
Jeff Shepler : The production on Incendium is the best I’ve ever been a part of.  I think it’s a culmination of experience from many years, along with a mutual desire from everyone involved to make this release something special.  One of the key ingredients was our studio engineer.  Rick Fuller is the man.  He has an incredible ear, and lots of patience, which he needed while dealing with our crazy asses.

The band's lyrics are based in philosophy and are very poetic in nature. Often times showing alternating perspectives of themes such as Cynical Condemnation of Society, Government, Religion, and Human Mishaps Intelligently putting the disturbing images of these landscapes deep in your mind and challenging you to strive for the hidden wisdom within each passage. These lyrics are not blatant in any direction. All interpretations are left to the beholder. Yet, the emotional interpretation of the words are targeted toward the grief and misery caused by a nonsecular view and highlighting the empowerment of having secular thought. How About With " Incendium " Now ?
Jeff Shepler : Dude, you nailed it again! Robert’s lyrics are almost all a cynical look at the human condition.  They are heavy and brutal, but without the typical blood and guts.  His style is all his own. And beyond the lyrics, his sense of timing and his range are simply unmatched in my opinion.

what is written in the song "Murder in the Name of Jesus" and "The Prophet Margin" in fact do you think? who is the most dominant and make the song here? Jeff, if in addition to Writing songs, you also care to write lyrics?
Jeff Shepler : “Murder in the name of jesus” is a reaction to living in a Christian society while this “war on terror” is taking place.  So many people conveniently forget about the crusades (but one example of killing in the name of Christ)  I believe that all zealots of all religions are a major problem.  Murder is wrong.  No matter who is killing, or why. “Prophet Margin” is a harsh look at how religion and money are intertwined.  Religion is not the problem.  People are the problem.  Any time you have a system that can be manipulated, a certain percent of the population will manipulate it.  Robert handles the lion’s share of the lyric writing.  I pitch a little in here and there, and help out with song titles.

The question for you Jeff, Are FULLY CONSUMED is your New main Obsession since TON Not Active and decided After release "Plague" on 1999? Do you want to play a unique concept of Death Metal and More Interesting on TON?
Jeff Shepler : When Ton fell apart, I decided I didn’t want to be in a band.  I created FC as a recording project.  I just wanted to write and record my music.  At that point, FC was my only obsession.  I spent months transferring my bass concepts and abilities to guitar.  I rolled like that for quite a while.  Then I met Jesse and we clicked.  His playing style perfectly complimentsmy guitar style.  He brought his friend Robert into the mix to handle the vocals.When we got Matt in the band we knew we had something special.  With the more recent addition of Dan on guitar, FC is at its finest.  Then, around the end end of 2013, Dan, Kevin Kraft and myself decided to get Ton rolling again.  So at this point I feel like the luckiest musician on the planet.  I’m in two bands that I love and I am surrounded by amazing musicians and great friends!

A question I like to ask a lot on musicians that follow the underground, is the question on downloading. What would your reaction be if someone told you that he downloaded both your albums and thought they were awesome, and what to someone that told you he bought the albums and thought they were shit?

Jeff Shepler : This is an awesome question.  I am all for sharing music.  I think if you hear something you really like, you will end up supporting it in one way or another.  Two more quick points to answer this.  1. I only write for me.  I have never concerned myself with the notion of anyone else liking it.  If someone else likes it, that’s cool.If you don’t like it, that’s cool too.  2. If I was concerned with making money, I would not be in two deathmetal bands!  It’s all about the music.  This is what I do for fun.  If we do make money, it usually gets re-invested in the band anyway.

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. The last words are yours!
Jeff Shepler : I thoroughly enjoyed this interview Herry!  Thank you very much for your support! Stay sick!!

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