BLASTED PANCREAS Interview (Greece)

Answered By Pedolover ( Guitars ) 
Update 14 Mei 2012

How did BLASTED PANCREAS form, and what were your influences? What made you choose to be a death metal band for Great Choosen till Now?
All became in 2002 when i met Orgasmic Abortion & Baldcummer in a live gig. After six sick-gorerotted years of friendship we made the decision to put into practice our experiences.So Blasted Pancreas took form in 2008. Is included by three members with three total different minds in music. Orgasmic Abortion's music experience is based in Brutal-Grind-Core. Baldcummer's in Brutal-Death and me i listen mostly to Black Metal. Our passion for sick music, sick movies and medical books brought us to this result..

BLASTED PANCREAS can I considered a Goregrind with Brutal Blastbeat Part Everywhere. What are your thoughts on the term?
You are right in terms like Gore-Brutal-Blast.. Grind is not a correct term. All Carcinoma tracks were pre-recorded, also are recorded with metronome and guitar riffs are quiet clear to put the Grind label on our music theme..

Tell me For CD , " Carcinoma " is a masterpiece that unites your past with a future direction I can't quite figure out. Were there additional influences or developments to your style? Where do you go from here?
Blasted Pancreas wants to unite the old school gore-grind feeling with the latest technique elements of Brutal Death Metal.. In the future some slamming riffs will come to fill the gaps..

And How with " Promo 2008 " ? Is it already too Expire and Out of date with the band concept now? Or Keepin it ??
Promo 2008 was a touch with the croud of what will be released after that. This promo revealed out intentions. Its not out of date, still people ask to send them the promo release..

How you can meet with No Label records and agreed to Release CD " Carcinoma " ?, does have a BLASTED PANCREAS Special Criteria for a Label Records to be released CD this Band?
We came in touch with No Label records throu mail when i send to them our promo. We had no reviews. No any special criticism from any magazine. The deal was quick and simple. Our cooperation exellent..

Is it important for death metal to be a genre of "respectable" skills, one that outsiders may not enjoy but can appreciate for its creative force? or " Character Vocal " whether it is to be something important in this music genre?
My opinion is that skills does not count at all. The felling is the instigator and the character the mastermind. Tracks must be written only after emotional changes and situations which are giving you the will to create something special.. You cant wake up one day and say.. Hello? I play ten years guitar and drums..Or i do ARG like noone..Lets use metal,death metal,black metal to show our skills to people.. It's absolutely wrong..

1. Lymphatic Phlegm - Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia
2. Lymphatic Phlegm / Torsofuck SPLIT - Disgusting Gore and Pathology / Polymorphisms to Severe Sepsis in Trauma
3. Torsofuck - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

Orgasmic Abortion:
1. Last Days Of Humaity - Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuration
2. Infected Flesh - Antropofagical Devourment
3. Oxidesed Razor - Carne Sangre
4. Autophgia - Post Mortem Human Offal

1. Brodequin - Festival Of Death
2. Devourment - Molesting The Decapidated
3. Disgorge - Cranial Impalment

Any Plan BLASTED PANCREAS for Upcoming Soon ??
Our plan is to release a new album til the end of this year.. The concept would be characterized by three words. Ultra Pathological Gore!

Thanks for the truly great interview. I really enjoyed it and now have to give my hands a rest from typing!
It was a pleasure to participate on this.. We wish the best to your zine.. STASY SICK!!!

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