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Completing the Discograpy Musical Career IN DEMISE, Brutal Death Metal origin Berlin, Germany which combines elements of Progressive in the scheme of arrangement tracks make proof of existence Debut full bleed through the 2nd album "... Behold, A Pale Sky" via Kings of Decay Records. and this being their five-year wait since the first independent full-length album "Adapting to Disorder" in 2011. Each song leads Subsequent flawlessly into the adding more Technical Brutality and an a plethora of Tasteful Elements. Progress musical experience emboldened coupled with the entry of new influences brought by guitarist Arne Maneke, which have been recognized in play the band Cerebric Turmoil will obviously be felt at all in "... Behold, A Pale Sky". although it is not the case with skill Intense, almost in the composition of matter "... Behold, A Pale Sky" will give incisions mean the most to fans of Death Metal Technical although I can not fully give a significant overview of the concept of inclusive Demise.

Hello! No waste of good suffering is wanted, give us a penetrating introduction to IN DEMISE and don't hesitate to stuff it hard! It seems the musicians of IN DEMISE play or used to play in various other outfits before... Is the band supposed to be a new and totally fresh entity, or rather the continuation of another one that existed before?
Hello, this is Flo (vocals) and Conor (drums) answering the questions. Actually In Demise is not a fresh entity, we´ve been around for 10 yrs now with some changes in our line-up but now we have what we consider a stable and powerful line-up. Conor was (and still is) in Berlin death metal outfit “Requital” before we asked him if he was interested to join, our former drummer had just left the band back then and we knew he was not only a very good guitar player but a very talented drummer, as well. So he came to our rehearsal and we were very satisfied! With Arne it was quite similar, only we were around as a 4-piece for a couple of yrs and didn´t actually look for a second guitarist. He´s in “Cerebric Turmoil” whom we share a rehearsal room with, and asked David whether he knew a band searching for a (second) guitar-player and he told him that he could join “In Demise” if he wanted – he did and we found an incredible musician just in our rehearsal-room. We did a couple of Demos and Promos and (self-)released our debut “Adapting to Disorder” in 2011. Other bands the members of In Demise are connected to are: Requital and Cerebric Turmoil (as mentioned) but also Pighead, Intravenous Contamination and Orphan Playground Sniper.

The readers who aren't familiar with IN DEMISE, what should they know about the band before their reading keeps on going? A Short biography isn't necessary, but a few good and strong ideas could be interesting...
In the first place, we make the music we like the most. Conceptual aspects come in the second place. Nonetheless we try to make somewhat “intelligent” Brutal Death Metal, if that makes sense. Our influences are very wide and sometimes differing and I think that makes for some really interesting outcome. Music-wise our influences range from Bach to Cryptopsy. Besides Death Metal, Joschi and David are big fans of Prog-stuff, Conor likes a lot of dissonant and dark stuff, Arne is probably the most traditional metal head of us, as I love some good Rap as well as 90´s Alternative stuff – I just love “Primus” and “Tool” and things like that. In the end of the day, we are all metal heads since our early adolescence.

Tell us more about the reasons of choosing the IN DEMISE moniker. What is especially interesting in the "concept" or behavior of this disease causing element for it shall represent a Progressive Brutal Death Metal band?
Demise, downfall, regression – all that are things we all witness on a daily basis. It is what we have to deal with – in one or the other way – all the time. Besides that the idea of destruction and creation, Ying and Yang or the Ouroboros are philosophical concepts I deal with a lot.

What inspires you/the band now a days? What is your inspiration to create music, what is your drive?
Well, the drive is merely creativity and the love for Death Metal. We have to do this, you know. It´s like an urge you cannot withstand. We started because we wanted to make (and contribute to) the music we love.

Holy shit what an New Album … Pure madness with perfect, Unearthly production and inhuman violence like Bestial Assault. Now tell us about the concept and story behind this masterpiece. The Cool story behind " ...Behold, a Pale Sky ". The story is cool and I mentioned several influences in my review. Still about theme of Chaos, Society and Technology ? Let's talk about " ...Behold, a Pale Sky ".
Well, you did sum it up quite well. Lyrically it deals mainly with the downfall of society and our world in general. The “political” songs are quite direct in that approach. The lovecraftian lyrics of mine are more subtle. I try not to be too explicit, try to keep things vague at times. I think there´s a lot of room for interpretation in them – and that´s what I want to achieve.

Until now whether, are IN DEMISE very satisfied with the results of the hard work from Kings of Decay for the band?
We´re very happy to be able to release our album on Kings Of Decay, and we are looking forward to working together with ´em in the future.

Your music is quite seriously Technical and Dynamic ... Don't tell me "it's just how we feel", it should be directed towards someone or something ... So what's the reason for so much of technical and obscure feelings?
We just try to challenge ourselves with playing music that is not your run-of-the-mill death metal and creates a unique sound. We also try to combine our favorite elements, so for example after a blunt and brutal slam part you could have some guitar solo shredding followed by a thrash part. As long as the songs still make sense and feel like a unit, we feel this is a good approach to make the listening experience an interesting one.

I wonder how's the interest from the underground metal media before release? Now you should begin to receive reviews... Are feedbacks nicely putrid and juicy? What were the weirdest things you read about " ...Behold, a Pale Sky " ?
As it happens we didn´t receive too much, yet, but some requests for reviews. We are open to all of them, and as far I can judge, the reactions were really good. As for the weirdest thing with “…Behold”, I was surprised the album found its way into the internet even before our official release, but to me that´s totally o.k.

An excellent album that should be heard. If you really consider yourself a metal head, give this band a try. And how the process of making this new material? Whether all members are involved in every writing music?
Generally yes. Most of the times one of the guys writes a song, more or less completely, then they send them around as a Guitar Pro file and the others add whatever they find appropriate. The finalization is a more or less democratic act but of course the “authors” voice has a special weight. As for the lyrics, I write most of them alone, Arne wrote the lyrics for his songs by himself, though. The songs have “work-in-progress-titles” sometimes I can work with these but sometimes I come up with a completely new concept.

What is the special thing with IN DEMISE Sophisticated Technical stuff? How much material overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the IN DEMISE formula to work properly?
We didn’t really experiment too much with harmonization or layering several guitar tracks. We kept it quite straight forward in that regard. I think the technical aspect derives more from the guitar riffs as such and the song structures rather than combining thousands of layers. It’s not that I don’t like that approach (I’m a huge Ulcerate and Gorguts fan for instance) but it’s just not our style within In Demise.

Are all the songs here written by David Koegler or several active members who are concerned with the structure band song?
As I mentioned above, all of us are involved in the process of songwriting although the initial idea for one song normally comes from one person. As it turned out this time, the majority of the tracks comes from David. “Unfulfilled Exigence” and “Slice and Dice” are from Arne and “Passing through the Polyhedral Portal” is from Joschi.

I'm very surprised with amazing sound production for this album, what is this already a trademark for IN DEMISE established itself from the beginning? And how is IN DEMISE still able to maintain all of this until now? How with compare than before material?
No, unfortunately we did not have the means of having such a great production from the beginning. We had some issues with the production of our debut but now we have what it takes to make decent recordings and TsunTsun Productions made an amazing job with the mastering!

What if you are a bit of comparing himself with "Adapting to Disorder "?
Well, as I just said, the production quality has increased a lot! Besides that we are a bit straighter, now, I think.

And in arranging songs, whether IN DEMISE pressing to play more Endless Complicated than Complex?
Let´s see. There is no rule for us to have songs at a said length. I prefer ´em short and fast, others of us like it epic. I think you can expect both of us, more fast and quick neck-breakers and some longer ones as well.

Where do you think or where do you want IN DEMISE to be 10 years from now?
It’s hard to say, but hopefully we will have released a few more albums then and played some great tours in not-so-typical places for a death metal band from Germany. I just saw a video from Internal Bleeding playing at Hammersonic Festival in Indonesia recently! Playing there would be a dream come true haha, you people are intense when it comes to death metal shows.

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. You can add what you wish, I let you conclude all last word.
Yeah sure, thanks a lot for this interesting interview! And to everyone out there reading this: Check out our new album “… Behold, A Pale Sky” which will be released on May 16th 2016 on Kings Of Decay Records. Cheerz


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