ENTHEAN Interview (Greenville, South Carolina, USA)

Enthean is a four piece extreme metal band based out of South Carolina, formed in 2012. Enthean seamlessly merges elements of technical death, symphonic black, progressive, thrash, shred & classical music. Their sound is driven by precise counterpoint based riffs. Founders Adam Broome and Brian Kingsland distribute both lead guitar and spew vocal duties evenly. The rhythm section provides tasteful high octane drumming from Charlotte native Mitch Moore, and the backing tracks of a full symphonic orchestra resulting in a whirlwind of bludgeoning sound, virtuoso technique and masterful composition. Enthean's lyrical inspiration comes from life blended with mythology. They draw influence from artists such as Emperor, Old Man's Child, Morbid Angel, Pantera, Necrophagist and J.S. Bach just to name a few. They released their "Tones of Desecration" demo in 2013 and are currently promoting their debut album "Priests of Annihilation".

Hello! No waste of good suffering is wanted, give us a penetrating introduction to ENTHEAN and don't hesitate to stuff it hard! It seems the musicians of ENTHEAN play or used to play in various other outfits before... Is the band supposed to be a new and totally fresh entity, or rather the continuation of another one that existed before?
Enthean : We are Enthean! We hail from Greenville, SC, USA. We've been hard at work for 4 years since it's inception. Enthean is a totally new entity. It's true we were in other bands, but it's not a continuation of any prior efforts.

Tell us more about the reasons of choosing the ENTHEAN moniker. What is especially interesting in the "concept " or behavior of this disease causing element for it shall represent a Technical Death/Black Metal band?
Enthean : We chose the name 'Enthean' because it means "Divinely Inspired". We wanted people to wonder as to what divine being is inspiring us. In reality, all of them inspire.

What was the biggest compositional challenge for you when you were writing this album? Was it a problem you’ve always faced or was it unique to this effort?
Enthean : There weren't many compositional challenges, really. I guess if I had to choose one, it would be the song "Behold the Primordial". We had a few changes but nothing really major.

Can't wait for the First full Album " Priests of Annihilation " Pure madness with perfect, Dark, Atmospheric, Unearthly production and There are a lot of little pieces of technicality scattered Shredd throughout the album. Now tell us about the concept and story behind this masterpiece. The Cool story behind new " Priests of Annihilation ". The story is cool and Imentioned several influences in my review. Let's talk about it.
Enthean : The idea behind "Priests of Annihilation" is a mix between the Divine Councils judgment on the earth and the "Priests" conjuration of the council.

What ENTHEAN reason to chose release "Priests of Annihilation" as Independent? What are the main criteria for a label can release this material?
Enthean : We wanted to see what we could do for ourselves, independently. So far, we've gotten a great deal of attention! 

I wonder how's the interest from the underground Metal media before release? Now you should begin to receive reviews... Are feedbacks nicely putrid and juicy? What were the weirdest things you read about " Priests of Annihilation " ?
Enthean : Overall, there has been a lot of positive attention! There have been a few negative reviews, but that's to be expected... I guess the weirdest thing we've read is that the album was "too precise" and each note was well-planned out... We wouldn't have it any other way, though.

Your music is quite seriously Technical, Darkened, Progressive and Dynamic ... Don't tell me "it's just how we feel", it should be directed towards someone or something... So what's the reason for so much of Technical and obscure feelings influenced heavily by the early 90's death metal scene?
Enthean : We grew up with Death, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel. That's what we listened to but we were also influnced by a lot of other bands. It's not exactly "how we feel" it's the fact that it's just what comes out. Our music is our take on the extreme metal genre.

An excellent album that should be heard. If you really consider yourself a metalhead, give this band a try. and how the process of making this new material? whether all members are involved in every writing music?
Enthean : Actually, it was mostly myself and Brian writing the music. We would write and listen and make sure the songs were decent enough to expose to the public. We don't want any music associated with us that we don't like.

What is the special thing with ENTHEAN Sophisticated Technical Stuff ? How much material overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the ENTHEAN formula to work properly?
Enthean : There are a few things overdubbed. We had some harmonies on '1054' and 'Before You, I Am' that were necessary for the sound we wanted. It's not necessarily a formula, it's just what was needed for a few songs.

Do the lyrics affect your music ? For instance, a vocal line that you write can force you to change the riffs for the sake of a vocal line. In order to avoid that you can write songs as instumentals first and then start to write vocal parts, so the real question is do you write the music first, or the lyrics, or the process is combined?
Enthean : Mostly, the music first. Some of the songs were written to match the feel of the songs. There were only a few songs where I wrote the lyrics first.

And in Arranging songs, whether ENTHEAN pressing to play more Endless Complicated, Shreed than Complex?
Enthean : I'm unsure of the question, but we play what we feel is necessary. We'd much rather play for feel than complexity.

You are an educated musician. Do you sometimes struggle with overthinking when writing your music? What i really like about ENTHEAN is that almost every riff has some detail that gives a unique feel to it, and music as a whole is pretty layered, which is also a good thing.
Enthean : Yes! Sometimes, we overthink the composition, but that'll happen!

Do you think death metal has room to expand, or do you think it’s already been pushed to its limits? Where would you like to see the genre go in the future?
Enthean : There's endless ways for death metal to expand! Most people think it's about complexity or speed, but if it's not a good song, it's not worth my time. I'd overall rather hear a good song.

I really excited with the work of Marco Hasmann for Artwork " Priests of Annihilation ", is this like any other form of "The Ten Commandments" you refer to as "Priest"? are ENTHEAN can explain about the originally theme it?
Enthean : Again, there's a language barrier here I'm trying to avoid, so forgive me if I'm not answering correctly. The artwork was to coincide with the song "Dysthanasia". The "Priests" has nothing to do with the Ten Commandments or any religion in particular.

Where do you think or where do you want ENTHEAN to be 5 years from now?
Enthean : Hopefully, we'll be in Indonesia!

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. You can add what you wish, I let you conclude all last word this Interview !
Enthean : Thanks for the interview!! We hope your readers will join us in our quest to dominate!!

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