SHATTERED Interview (Germany)

Being something Exciting If New CD Full Album " New Atlantis " on 2014. This will become history and a new career for the SHATTERED ! So far, whether Debut " New Atlantis " became the most you waiting Release. How You will excite this excitement to The Technical Death Metal Fans
Ryan: as you certainly know it is hard for bands like us who are just in the beginning with their debut album to reach out and spread the word.we use the common digital platforms like Facebook, reverberation, youtube, soundcloud  and all that stuff to grab ones attention.for the future i have planned to adopt more knowledge about this whole internet marketing thing. setting up shattered´s own homepage and build up an newsletter system are two bigger sectors i want to work on. But as we are mainly musicians none of us is an expert in that field yet and we might need some help.
CALL UP: If you have knowledge about internet marketing and all that stuff which is related to that topicand you believe our music is good and you want to support us from the heart.  please get in contact with us:

What was your primary goal since the beginning that you set out to emanate with SHATTERED and how do you think the band stands compared to other contemporaries of this style Do you think SHATTERED has carved its mark in the underground as an entity to be reckoned with the creation of a penetrating, technically proficient, and Melodic Blizzard.
Ryan: Well the band already exists when i joined. I remember that Julian asked me to join at "Eisenwahn Festival" where i was still with Retaliation (Unique Leader Records) in July 2013.So I played temporary for both bands but my main focus was in the beginning more on Retaliation than Shattered.But that changed later and I decided to quit my position in Retaliation because I could not see big progress after playing 3 years for them.Since then my goals for Shattered were very clear. I knew i wanted to make that record happen and produce that album. And now Im going to invest every free second to promote what we have done over the last few monthsbecause I feel deep in my heart that this album is worth it and should be listened. Now to your question about comparing shattered to others in the subgenre: To be honest most of the upcoming stuff in the tech death genre i discover is not that interesting to me. I think you all already noticed that the trend is going to be more and more about new speed records and proving that you have amazing skills on your instrument. unfortunately pulling off all that crazy stuff in your songs does not led to better music.On the contrary. Often you get to hear a bunch of bullshit what is certainly really hard to pull off (my respect for that too!!) but who cares In the end what matters is only one simple thing: does it sound good If you compare our music to others in the scene you can definitely see we are not jumping onto the train and follow the trend of setting new speed records.And I see really no reason we should do that although we could.

" New Atlantis " is definitely one of the Technical death metal releases that will shake the ground in the scene, how do you still promoting this new full length of yours Tour plans and stuff
Ryan: I know its been a few silent months if we talk about live concerts while we were recording our debut. Plans now are to play lots of shows sure. But first we will find a suitable partner to release our album in order to play many shows and promote our music.Meanwhile I do send our CD to as many online magazines as i can to get the attention our music deserves.We are also interested in doing tours but most offers we got so far were pure rip-offs.As you mentioned shirts we do have remainders of our "logo shirt". Which you can get here by the way: But they will soon run out and we are going to come up with new designed stuff.
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If you are a designer and want to work with us together, get in touch with us: I can ensure you that your business is going to grow together with our brand and we will share our profits with you

How SHATTERED Still Work Independent to release a full-length album " New Atlantis ", Why You did not try to work together with some labels to keep full concentration only for band
Ryan: As already mentioned we are currently looking for a partnership with a strong record label to release our album "New Atlantis". I believe as a musician in our roster it is nowadays simply impossible to only concentrate on your music and let the label do the rest. you are always responsible for your own fate. the label can only support the ideas you come up on your own.

You seem to be taking your brutality way to serious but you never leave technique behind! How hard is it to keep up with brutal death metal nowadays You think that someone with basic knowledge in guitar or bass or even drums, can complete the beasts that dominate the scene at this point
Ryan:  I do not see music as a competition where one have to keep up with another. We just do whatever we like.Question makes not that much sense to me Im sorry.
Julian: Nowadays anyone with basic skills has the possibilities to start a band and bring it up to the stage. The quality may fail here. There are sub genres in death metal which are easier to play and there are ones which are harder. To manage a balancing act between technical and brutal death is not difficult in my opinion. I do not consider myself to target specifications. I just write songs. What is weak will be thrown away, what is strong ends up on a record. That’s it. Due the musicality exploring the concept, you all now are in the representation of being unless which in the Big Promotion the brutality and technicality implement like there is no more exhausted parts to make defensible the genre, a step forward to its invigoration. What deliberation have you been conducted so  it’s going to originate the burden We know it’s indubitably so long so letting to brutal death as we face today.
Julian: It is not our primary intention to differentiate ourselves musically. The idea of SHATTERED based on the desire of two guys to make technical and melodic music and bring it to the stage. Any influences are unintentioned. In the end the guy in front of the speakers will decide if the likes it.

For writing music, most Has anyone Large role Johannes or Julian And What You Write on lyric Here
Julian: Much of the lyrics comes from my pen. I have to be influenced by a variety of things and retell some stories in my own way. I am exited if someone guesses the sources. What I reject strict is gore lyrics. The title track and opener for example is the last part of a conceptually coherent three-part from Nereids, From Distant Shores and Bipolar Disorder. Ignite the Dawnshard e.g. is a fantasy story that Michael wrote on my concept. The Fall of Hyperion describes the legend of the Titans Hyperion.
Ryan:  Most of the main concepts are written by Julian and Johannes. What I did is to grab the ideas they came up with and refine them in an way to make them more interesting and actually work better in our arrangements. As I did record all of the guitars I experimented during the recording process a lot and came up with many little ideas to add. Considered alone these are small little things here and there but looking at the big picture it adds a lot and makes things sound more alive.

For Cover Art, Is that you actually Describe there actually New Atlantis Or New World
Julian: The title describes a fictional perception of something whose existence is uncertain. A new Atlantis - a self-contained, technologically unique reality, which however, can not hide from the primal forces of the earth itself.The artwork shows a parallel world, which is lapped and threatened by cosmic storms and combines these ideas visually.

The whole album is on a high level when it comes to technicality. Apparently it requires a lot of skill, practice and discipline to compose and perform songs so technical and brutal. It take s a lot more effort to record that stuff. Were the recordings a pain in the ass Looking back at the recording time, what was the hardest part and what was the most laughable Was previously SHATTERED also do Rehearsal Jamming when will the process of recording I Know You residence is also very Far Different.
Ryan: Yes you are right it takes a lot of hard work until you are ready to  finish your record. I recorded all the guitars at my place and so did Julian, Michael and Jonas. Afterwards they sent me their files and i gathered them together in large projects and did premix them to see if things work. Sounds quite simple but i can tell youthat there were many things which had to be changed afterwards and a steady conversation between each other was necessary all the time.
Julian: I've already done some records, but I must admit that NEW ATLANTIS technically has challenged everything out of me. The technical challenge and the fact that we come up with 14 songs over 45 minutes of playing time confirm this. I‘ve recorded the bass with fingers, which is much harder than with a pick. You can hear the result and I'm very happy with it.

Do You Feel happy when can Teamwork with guitarist Christian Munzner and What Christian has given Contributions musical as you would expect for this
Ryan: I know Christian Münzner since 2009 when i started to take guitar lessons with him back in the days. The funny thing about that story is that I had no clue who he was.At that time he was just a guitar teacher who lives in my town to me. Later I became interested in what he is doing because i really liked his playing style, so I decided to give Obscura and Necrophagist of which I have never heard before a try. And I have to say I really liked what he has done. Christian Münzner himself brought me into the tech death genre. Since then I wanted this guitar genius playing a guest solo on one of my records. For "New Atlantis" it finally happened and Im very proud of having him as a teacher and friend.

In the scene now (Worldwide) we are certainly excited with many fans who really kind and mentally educated making  great  expectation to the future  as long as the underground music(s) are still in the phase of admittance  since the past decade however it’s exaggerated in the past. What have you noted  in the certainty from the  scene’s  interaction and it’s subjected to the fans who still possibly run for the money/ living where we have to find independently for what we propose What is the suggestion for them so it’s begun not to confuse later
Julian: Well, I'm doing live music since 2004 and have noticed in recent years that the different genres have increasingly eradicated together. There are fewer and fewer mixed concerts. Especially in Death Metal, there is a huge Brutal / Slam Death movement with little acceptance for technical-melodic music that we make. This is a shame, because I have always advocated acceptance and openness of genres.

A question I like to ask a lot on musicians that follow the underground, is the question on downloading. What would your reaction be if someone told you that he downloaded both your albums and thought they were awesome, and what to someone that told you he bought the albums and thought they were shit
Julian: Both scenarios are but absolutely awesome! If someone downloads the album and like it, chances are high that he buys it. If someone buys the album and think it‘s bullshit, he's probably an idiot, because he had the opportunity to advance it to listen on the network. We provide the facility. Nevertheless, he has invested in us and our continued existence.

Which 5 albums would you consider as the pinnacle of Death Metal and Why
This is hard because there is so much good music i really like. Lets try (order has nothing to do)
# Necrophagist - Epitaph               
I have never heard something like that before. The record has a lot of energy and great guitar work on it.
# Children of Bodom    - Something Wild           
I'm quite a fan till the first days of this band. I love their music.
# Decrepit Birth - Diminishing Between Worlds   
I love that album for having a lot of catchy melodies but still enough energy although it has that many lead guitar passages.
# Fallujah - The Harvest Wombs       
Fallujah is really great for being sometimes very atmospheric and soft and in the next moment very heavy.
# Wintersun - Wintersun               
Since my roots are more in the melodic death than in tech death i simply love stuff like that

Without any tricking for the ending session for this chance soon it will be continued, do you have a last command  to the LOSTINCHAOS readers  so this interview will one of the best be an affirmation to SHATTERED and for who  are in awareness finding  Thanks to you all guys,  keep on moving and stay Technical!

Julian: Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this interview! Readers, I can only say, listen to NEW ATLANTIS! There's a lot of heart and soul in it, and endless hours of recording and rework. Thank you for reading. You are awesome!


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