ESCHATON Interview (Massachusetts, USA)

New England-based progressive death metal architects, ESCHATON, will unleash the audio abrasions that make up their Sentinel Apocalypse full-length upon the masses this May via Unique Leader Records.

A theological term that refers to the world during the post historic era of God’s overt apocalyptic reign, immediately preceding the end of the world, ESCHATON was founded in 2007 near Providence, Rhode Island and manifests a uniquely belligerent, stand-alone sound that’s at once harsh and procedural yet wholly-enthralling. Featuring vocalist Jason Viteri, guitarist brothers Joshua and Jared Berry, bassist Pat Pattison and drummer Darren Cesca (Pillory, Arsis, Goratory, Incinerate), Sentinel Apocalypse was captured at Cesca’s House Of Grind Studios in southern Connecticut and supplies eleven tracks of some of the most visceral and unrelenting sounds the collective has ever composed. Rife with surgically precise guitar sweeps, debilitating drum work and enough vocal venom to collapse a population, Sentinel Apocalypse is fit for devotees of the maniacal craftings of Carnifex, The Faceless, Necrophagist, The Black Dahlia Murder and Beneath The Massacre.

 It will be so exciting when the First Full Album CD " Sentinel Apocalypse " is released later in the spring of 2015. This will become a history and a new career for the eschaton ! So far, do you feel the "Sentinel Apocalypse" is your the most awaited album since release of "Wake of the Ophidian " ? How do you share this excitement for Technical Death Fans ?
Josh : “ Sentinel Apocalypse “ is definitely our most awaited album, both due to our new relationship with Unique Leader Records and because of our growth and improvement as a band.  Our writing chemistry is evolving and it really comes out on this record.  We don’t get excited easily and we boast about ourselves so when we seem really excited about his record it is a good sign that it is something special and worth checking out if you like extreme music.

“ Sentinel Apocalypse “ will be one of the most coolest death releases Technical metal in 2015 shaking Metal Scene , How do you plan to promote to interest music lovers ? will the tour  release a lot of merchandising ?
Josh : We will be trying to have more outlets for our fans to enjoy this record such as official videos, interviews, merchandise, play-through videos and we are even doing vinyl for the really committed fans.  We hope to tour with this record but I (Joshua) am committed to graduate school until December 2015.

How ESCHATON can make contact and make contract with Unique Leader Records to release " Sentinel Apocalypse " ? Has ESCHATON previously been interested for promoting "Sentinel Apocalypse" or have some members already known ESCHATON label? Has drummer Darren Cesca joined the Full released her 2nd album Together pillory also since last year?
Josh : Darren had already worked with Unique Leader with Pillory, so when Pillory resurfaced the label was eager to work with them again.  Darren got us in touch with Erik Lindmark from the label shortly after.  We had sent the record out to a few labels other but Unique Leader provides the best fit stylistically and also provides a very personal feel to the business side of things so that we as a band can still enjoy what we do.

ESCHATON seems to be in Music rapid and brutal concept since the first establishment,  what are the difficulties to compete with the Most Brutal death metal band today? Do yu Guys think that one performer with a basic knowledge of the guitar or bass or drums  can enjoy and complete the music works Arrangement today ?
Josh : We are as aggressive and relentless as any band, but we have our own approach to brutal music.  We don’t need to compete with bands because we do what we do and they do their own thing.  We aren’t trying to be the most technical or brutal of all time, we just try to write music that represents us as a band.  I don’t think musicians with only a basic knowledge of their instrument can play Eschaton music because we use advanced techniques at high tempos.  We also have complex arrangements that and solos that will test even advanced players.  I think our drum parts may be the most difficult to play.  I challenge any drummers out there to post a video playing an Eschaton track,

Since musicality has been exploring a concept, now you all are representing it and in the Large Publication On brutality and technical applied and continue to make the make the genre to survive and making a step forward for its refreshment . Do you usually exchanging ideas for joint working to enhance this fundamental concept? We knew it would take long to let the concept of Brutal Death Metal as we enjoy today .
Josh : Metal music has been evolving, and we would not be the band we are without the many great bands before us paving the way.  We take elements of thrash, death metal, metalcore, neoclassical, deathcore, and many other subgenres of metal and blend them together to what we feel is the most listenable and interesting style.  We don’t want to what has been done before but want to sound a little bit more unique and stand-alone with our particular sound.

The entire album material need a high level skill when facing Problem technicalities. It Apparently takes a lot of skill, training and discipline to write songs technically and felt “brutal” . It takes more effort to be able to record these things. How ESCHATON do to keep its top position in brutal music? If we are looking back at the time of recording , which is the most difficult part and  the most ridiculous part ? has Eschaton also often Done a rehearsal Recordings Jamming time before the process previously?
Josh : We practice all the time.  We love playing our instruments.  We listen to what musicians are currently doing in extreme music and we try to expand on the progress of brutal technical music.  The recording process was difficult at times because we would track in the studio right after we wrote certain parts, particularly the guitar solos.  Some of the leads in the title track Sentinel Apocalypse are the most ridiculous parts that Eschaton has written so far, but with enough practice they can be tamed.  We all practice individually before recording, not all together at once.

What is the part that makes you have to work hard in creating different compositions and complicated?  Are you and your brother, Jared is is a solid team to work on the structure of superb riff for Recording Process?
Josh : My brother Jared and I work very intuitively together.  When one of us runs out of ideas on a song the other always knows where to take it.  Jared writes some really bizarre and original riffs, so they get me thinking in different shapes and positions which sparks new ideas.  We always try to challenge ourselves to write unpredictable pieces, so they end up being quite complicated at times. 

What does actually the Eschaton uniquely offer in the " Sentinel Apocalypse " ? do you present Arrangement Music Circuit difficult to undersatand and Enjoy ? or is there a special essence that want you more expressed in this first album beside as the creation of  a hard work ?
Josh : It is hard to pinpoint exactly what is unique about Eschaton, but when you listen to the album you can make your own judgement about it.  I think it is our constant weaving of dynamic techniques on all instruments that is not done in an experimental type of way but actually hyper-aggressively.  We combine brutality with complexity, but try to maintain easy to understand and enjoy.  The listener doesn’t have to be an advanced musician to enjoy the record, but the record will truly excite those who can understand the layers of complexities that are present throughout the album.

You know, yesterday, I listened to some of Album " Apocalypse Sentinel " as preview from you and realizing that it is totally different comparing to the EP " Wake of the Ophidian in sense of overflow techniques and concepts with amazing emotional Music. Will this be the best Satisfaction for Band when preparing each song becomes the most consideration?
Josh : It is very satisfying to grow as a band and to improve in our craft, especially when our fans are able to notice our growth and improvement.  Composing the music is the most critical phase of the band, it’s the way we are able to communicate our essence, our art, to our audience.  It’s the phase of self-creation, so to make better music we are making a better band.  I’m glad you were able to pick up on the overflow of techniques and concepts!

I  know , Darren has given many contributions during the recording process  in the studio . does ESCATHON themselves feel satisfied with Darren’s hard work on the Sound and the result of " Sentinel Apocalypse " ?
Josh : Yes, absolutely.  This record has so many moving parts that are all captured and mixed together in a way where each instrument has its own place so sounds do not bleed into each other.  The mix is very open rather than compressed so the actual recorded sound waves don’t need to be cut off and the most authentic form of the instruments can come across.  Darren is meticulous is the studio, spending hours and hours mixing EQ-ing guitars, re-amping and doing comparative listening’s.  He would constantly ask me to come listen to the mix on as many different sound systems as possible to make sure that the final product would sound as clear and powerful as possible no matter what it was played on.  The cymbals are all panned to accurately portray where they are on Darren’s drum kit, so when he plays his left high-hat you hear it in the left speaker and his right high-hat in the right speaker.  The final product is able to come across raw and organic rather than overproduced, but at the same time very precise and clear.

( a question for Darren): Sick Drummer Magazine still praised Matter Album " Apocalypse Sentinel " this, ESCATHON ... combines technical skill and thoughtful composition, forging an unforgiving and aggressive sound that as a listener, will leave you picking up the pieces of that wimpy thing you called a life. Blending neo-classical progressive death metal riffs with grooves, solos and epic harmonies once Darren Cesca riddles your body with relentless blast-beats and lightning-fast fill combinations.
Josh : I'm still curious how Darren did Skill Drumming, whether Darren Quite Working at home or do it spontaneously when Rehearsal Jamming Band? Darren drummed in his youth but really was able to take his instrument to the next level when he went to Berkeley School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  It was there that he was able to invest endless hours into his drumming under private instruction on Mike Mangini, now drumming for Dream Theater.  Since then Darren has established and maintained a rigorous commitment to rehearsing.   We do not rehearse together as a full band, we all rehearse our parts separately on our own time. 

Your Music is very brutal and technically is death metal  and this totally rocks us. Are brutal death Of  Eschaton metal has begun reconized in Metal Scene International lovers ?
Josh : We are starting to get more recognition both domestically and internationally but we still have a long way to go!  I think once Sentinel Apocalypse is released and has some time to be heard people will express their opinions about it the word will start to get out that we are worth a listen.  With interviews like this and the one we just did for Legacy Magazine in Germany we hope to be able to reach people worldwide.
In the current scene ( Worldwide ), we are certainly pleased with many really good fans having a music educated Backgroung making it as a great hope for the future for underground music comparing to last years. Do see it as the big chance for metal to expand?
Josh : I hope so, but in some places more than others.  I’m not sure how much more popular metal will be in America or in Europe, but places like South America or South East Asia may have vast opportunities for expansion within the metal scene.  Metal is by its very nature anti-pop, or underground to a certain extent.  I think now that internet access is becoming more widespread people can check out bands that they would not get to see in their home town, and metal greatly benefits from this.

What do you about the illegal download of Eschaton album, do you think those people are awesome or just doing only doing silly thing?
Josh : Hard to say.  I have gotten my share of free music in my life, but I also make it a point to purchase CD’s, go to shows, and buy merchandise from bands that I want to support.  I think if fans realize that musicians need financial income to sustain making the product you want to hear then they should admit that they should pay for the music.  If they can’t afford it I would rather someone choose to illegally download my music then not be able to listen to it at all.
Josh , I know, if you had lived a few months in Bandung, Indonesia . Are you also familiar with the development of Extreme Metal in Indonesian directly at that time ? what is the best band in ypur opinio? Do you have plan to bring the Eschaton performing concert in Indonesia ?
Josh : I was in Bandung for 5 months studying at ITB.  Due to my very rough understanding of Bahasa and just getting used to the different way of life in Indonesia I did not go to any metal shows.    I did, however, travel to West Sumatra and Ryan the drummer for ZEAL put me and my friend up for a night at his place.  We went to check out a ZEAL practice in their studio space.  They are talented dudes and very friendly.  The most successful band is probably Burger Kill, but as far as my tastes go I think Death Vomit might be the best.  Eschaton would love to tour Indonesia, no plans yet for that but spread the word there and let Unique Leader know you want us to play there!

What do want to say for readers of LOSTINCHAOS to make this as the best and special interview and an affirmation to eschaton? Thanks to all of you , keep on moving and stay Technical !
Josh : Indonesia is special to me because it is the only country outside of the USA that I have lived.  I hope the metal scene there continues to grow and that we are able to come brutalize you guys! Many thanks to LOST IN CHAOS and Eschaton fans in Indonesia!!!  Terima kasih!  ---Joshua Berry, Eschaton



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