Visceral Throne was created between two friends in 2009 to create a intense listening experience filled with an abundance of riffs, accessing dark and dissonant riffing, fast technical riffs and slam and groove rhythms, combining to create a whirlwind of ideas and a constant variety of tempos. Visceral Throne released a two song demo for an internet release and shortly after Brutal Bands signed the band for a two album deal. Our first full length album, "Omnipotent Asperity" is now available through Brutal Bands.

Can you tell us in depth about VISCERAL THRONE influences? What contributes to your playing style, your performing style?
Internal Suffering is probably our biggest influence. The way they incorporate absolute speed with heaviness is unparalleled in the death metal scene. Their album "Chaotic Matrix" is our biggest influence and by far my personal favorite brutal death metal album. We obviously have other influences of course. Some of our influences include Brodequin, Suffocation, Disgorge, Gorguts, Devourment and some others. Ultimately, our style is just a culmination of being fans of death metal. We basically just took all our favorite aspects of brutal death metal and that's Visceral Throne.

In my view, " Omnipotent Asperity " is a KILLER masterpiece that unites your past with a future direction I can't quite figure out. Were there additional influences or developments to your style? Where do you go from here?
Our next album will just be an extension of the first, except better production and better playing. Honestly, we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

How did you get into contact with Brutal Bands? How has your experience with the label been overall?
Brutal Bands actually contacted us. They wrote us on our old myspace asking if we were interested...AND OF COURSE WE WERE. Honestly, I couldn't expect anything more from an underground label. Scott and Brutal Bands has treated us wonderful and we owe so much to Brutal Bands.

After that record, are you guys gonna stay with Brutal Bands or seek out similar brutal labels so more people can hear your stuff?
We have another record to release on Brutal Bands. If they decide to keep us or not after that, will ultimately be up to them. However, we do like where we are in the music world and would love to stay in the Brutal Bands family.

How long does it take VISCERAL THRONE to write new songs? Have the songs on the upcoming CD been in the works for a long time?
It doesn't really take much time to construct a song when I really put my mind to it. There will be long stretches between songwriting, because I might be more motivated to do other things in life or pursue other hobbies. Also, the upcoming cd isn't even close to being finished. We have some riffs and ideas floating around, but it'll be a bit before we really start to nail out the finalized tracks.

And How do you construct your songs?
The songs start out with a guitar. We get some cool riffs going and then throw an interesting drum pattern over it. Sometimes, I'll write a specific drum beat and put a guitar riff over it, but that's a rarity. All the songs are composed in guitar pro.

You guys tend to use small bits of Slam in your Brutality Beat , in the form of technical sweep parts or tapping sections. Lots of bands seem to be doing this, but you guys really bring the mosh as well. What's the secret to your songwriting?
Mixing things up is really a priority for us. We think it gets repetative when bands are only just fast and not heavy or just slamming but no blast or technicality. Writing what you'd like to hear in a brutal death metal band is important.

Where do you see the Indiana brutality scene heading in the next 5-10 years?
HA! Indiana Brutal scene? That's a funny one. Well I'm sure Gorgasm and us will end up playing a ton more shows together. That's about all to report. The scene in this state is near dead. We're literally the only death metal band in our city.

What do you think of bands from other parts of the world? Do you listen to any brutal death metal from Asia, Europe, etc.?
Oh definitely. We're under no delusion that good music only comes from the USA. Of course, we've mentioned Internal Suffering. They are originally from Colombia. Bacteremia from Colombia are a recent favorite. Those dudes are like the perfect blend of Internal Suffering and Brodequin. Defeated Sanity is also one that is absolutely crushing. Disentomb are also completely amazing.

What are some of the "bigger" brutal bands you've played with, and is there a chance you'll come over to the States?
Well, we've played with Gorgasm, Malevolent Creation, Origin, Septycal Gorge, Blasphemer and quite a few others.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened in relation to the band?
To me, the craziest thing is just seeing the crazy amount of people getting into us. We're just a couple dudes from Indiana and people from all over get into our tunes and buy our stuff. We are completely honored to even have that opportunity.

Name 5 of your favorite albums and tell us why you think they're relevant to your influence?

Sticking to just brutal death metal...

1. Internal Suffering - Chaotic Matrix
2. Defeated Sanity - Chapters of Repugnance
3. Devourment - Molesting the Decapitated
4. Brodequin - Festival of Death
5. Cinerary - Rituals of Desecration

Any Plan Band for Upcoming Soon ??
We've got some shows booked. Looking to do some touring and play festivals. Just general support for the album.  Thanks for the interview ! VISCERAL THRONE rules and we look forward to reviewing your new album! Stay brutal. 

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