TANTAL Interview (Russia) Chapter # 2

TANTAL was formed in 2004. Founders of collective are Dmitry Ignatyev (guitar), Alexander Bessilin (guitar, vocal), Michael Krivulec (bass), Vyacheslav Gurovoy (drums). In 2005, talented singer Sofiya Raykova, has joined the band. Her voice has become essential part of the band's music.

At the beginning of 2007 the band recorded promo-cd "Emotional Distress". Music on this album is a mix of melodic and aggressive Death Metal with progressive elements, and of course there is an excellent female growl sometimes changed by clean voice. After that for the personal reasons Alexander Bessilin left the band. Now, Alexander Strlnikov (from the band Stentorian Voice) takes up a place of the second guitarist. In the end of 2008 the first album "The Beginning Of The End" was recorded!
The music of the d├ębut album "The Beginning Of The End", recorded in 2008, is an original mixture of Progressive, Death, Thrash and Modern Metal, "spiced" with gloomy conceptual lyrics. One of the best sound control supervisors, Eugene Vinogradov ("Day-Records" studio), who has worked with loads of famous Russian bands and German legend "Crematory" was responsible for sounding of the CD. The guests-musicians, who took part in recording of the album, are:

Andrew Smirnov ("Master", "Everlost") recorded the solo to a title track of the album, and also he made some keyboard arrangements. Alexander Dronov ("Valkyrie", "End Zone", "The Dynasty of the Devoted") recoded and arranged most part of the keyboard parts for the album. He appreciably enriched and modernized the band's sounding by that. The guitarist of the Belgian Modern-Death-Metal band "In-Quest" Douglas Verhoeven became a special guest in the CD. He recorded the solo to the song "Controlled by hate". The design of the CD is done at the highest levels by the famous Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes, who worked with such giants of the metal stage as Gus G, "Firewind", "Nightrage", "Tribuzy" (the project with the participation of Bruce Dickinson from "Iron Maiden"), "Cryptopsy", "SonicSyndicate", "God Forbid", "Almah", "Krisiun" and many others. The artist carried out great work and consequently an idea of each song is reflected in separate illustration in the booklet. It lets a listener plunge into the music and mood of the album more deeply.

On March 30th, 2009 the album was released by Russian Indie label Mazzar Records.
In the beginning of the 2010 debut album was released in UK by "Raven Heart Music Records" label, and also got worldwide distribution with the help of promotional agencies in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Mexico ("Dig Metal World" agency), in Italy ("Rock Metal Bands" agency) and India ("Six Inch Nail Records" agency). Also the album is available worldwide by the means of on-online store "CD Baby".

In 2011 Alexander Strelnikov became the official representative of the famous "AMT Electronics" company, which produces guitar preamps, cabinets, effects and accessories: www.amtelectronics.com. Also, in 2011 the band started tracking of the second full-length album called "Expectancy", but as a result of some differences of opinion Sofia left the band...After some abortive attempts to find the right man (during 2012-2013) the rest of participants decided to record the album with a guest vocalist Vlad Lobanov ("Vector Of Underground"), who did an excellent job and recorded all extreme vocals for "Expectancy". In summer 2013 the band announced their new female vocalist Milana Solovitskaya.

Answered By Dmitry Ignatyev (Guitars)

Hi there guys, thanks for showing interest in answering twiceinterview. How are you? Anything important to start with?
Dmitry: Hi! First of all I would like to say thanks for your interest in TANTAL and doing this interview for us for the second time! As for us we’re really excited and really glad that the second LP “Expectancy” has finally come out in Russia. Now we’re preparing for the first show in Moscow since 2012 and working at worldwide distribution of the new album.

" Expectancy " has initiated a new Briliant Masterpiece run of TANTAL I think. The bookings running good, right? How are you!
Dmitry: Thanks for such great words. The album has come out in Russia on 28th April so we don’t have any booked gigs for the nearest future. We will play only one gig on 7th June in Moscow where we will present our new album. But we are looking forward to go on tour in autumn. I think we start work on it next month. Now all our strengths are put in the way of getting opportunity to release “Expectancy” outside Russia. Also, I’d like to say that we are open for any offers from the booking and distribution agencies worldwide, so they can contact us via email: dimeblizzard@gmail.com

We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule promoting your new album and rehearsing for your tour to take some time out to answer some questions for your fans. What's going on in the TANTAL camp these days? Any "sensational and Nice" latest news?
Dmitry: For all of us the last 3 years were very hard, but we managed to finish the album and get another contract in Russia. So now, as I already said, everyone is excited and very proud of this record. As for the latest news – I and our second guitarist Alexander are preparing cool guitar video where we play all our solos from “Expectancy”. We do it special for ESP Guitar Company which is endorsed us. I hope many of guitar players will enjoy it. And we are also planning to shot our first professional video for one of the song from the new album. Right now I preparing video documentary about “Expectancy” making.

Now tell us about the concept and story behind this masterpiece. The Cool story behind " Expectancy ". The story is cool and I mentioned several influences in my review.
Dmitry: Yeah, traditionally every our album has a concept. This time it’s much more personal, but I think everyone will find something fitting to himself, everyone felt the things I tried to describe in some way sometimes. Album tells about man’s attempts to find meaning of his life, to find himself, and to understand himself. As result it leads him to despair and destroys all his hopes. In the end he understands that all his life was pointless.

I Sense enough to attract the attention of the band After Posting A new single from the "Expectancy" album! with more mature material, Brilliant, Sophomore and kicking ear with musical developments offered in this new album. whether in fact the band still offers an melodic compositions as one of the powerfully band?
Dmitry: We’ve released few songs from the “Expectancy” as a singles and I didn’t see any bad responses. I think it’s great, and it means that we’ve done everything right. Melodic moments always were the main part of TANTAL music. This time, beside guitar melodies we worked hard at vocal parts. In spite of the complexity we pay a lot of attention to the melodies in our songs to make them more listenable.

I wonder how's the interest from the underground Metal media so far? How did the reviews turn out? How many interviews have you answered and how's the response for " Expectancy " from the media and the fans up to now? How long did you orgasm last when the new album was released? This is a long waited since the release of " The Beginning of the End " 2009.
Dmitry: As I said the album was released only in Russia recently, so we don’t have any reviews yet. Our label helps us to send the copies to the zines, so I hope in the nearest future we will get some reviews. As for the interviews – here our deals are better. We’ve already presented our album at few radio stations and Alexander was interviewed by the famous Russian magazine called “Dark City”. As for me, last year I gave very big interview for Ukranian “Atmosfear” magazine. We have also some agreements with 3 radio stations and few webzines. So as you can see, it’s not too much, but we work on it. And I’d like to say – don’t hesitate to drop us just a line or comment or send any offer – everything will help us and we will be glad to response on it. As for “release orgasm” – unfortunately I don’t feel it, because I’m sick of all these songs. I’ve listened to it billions time during 2 last years, so you can imagine the reason why I don’t feel it. Now release of the album is just another step forward in our history, so maybe later ha-ha ?

An Amazed & excellent album that should be heard. If you really consider yourself a metalhead, give this band a try. and how the process of making this new material? whether all members are involved in every writing music?
Dmitry: This album was created by every member. Of course the main songwriters were Alexander and me, but the rest of the guys also brought their ideas at the arrangement stage. The last who brought us very brilliant ideas was our new singer – Milana. He did perfect vocal job, added a lot of new harmonies, and made vocal parts much catchier.

To you, what distinguishes this release with the material you before? what if this is for you a Progressive form the mature concept from First CD material like " The Beginning of the End " ? In My Opinion, TANTAL Musickal Progressive Melodic Death metal with Modern Touching Awesome !
Dmitry: Of course the new material much more mature than it was at “The Beginning Of The End”. It’s very natural because we are getting older and experienced. We always try to balance at the edge of different music styles. This time we did more progressive and more modern material, but it was not an end in itself. At the same time we wanted to do more strict form of the songs without tons of never repeated riffs as it was on “The Beginning Of The End”, just to do our compositions more listenable.

What is the Briliance special Concept Musick thing with TANTAL? The guitar must be always Excellent and Melodic Progress? How much guitar overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the TANTAL formula to work properly? What is Dmitriy Ignatiev who worked all Guitar Riff for all songs Tantal for this besides other members?
Dmitry: As a guitar player I always pay a lot of attention to the guitars. For TANTAL I always try to do a lot of harmonies and counterpoints, to do the music more interesting. There is no any formula – if some licks or additional guitar parts fit to the song it will be recorded. Of course in the end there were near 6 or 8 guitar tracks and our sound producer damned us each time ? You know, sometimes it’s hard to say to yourself “stop” during arrangement process. Initiators of “layering” were Alexander and me again, it’s very natural for us because we were breed at the complex music.

The musical approach is certainly ever-changing and pleasingly different. However, I hope you don't mind me saying, your Concept  approach on this album is little or Changed than before. aren't always exactly what you'd expect. What was the motivation behind approaching the Changed in such an unusual manner?
Dmitry: Ideas for the debut album were born in 2008, so it’s very natural that we changed in some aspects with our second LP. One thing that we changed intentional is the structure of the songs. As I told, this time we did it simpler with verses and choruses. We added some modern things, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve become a metalcore or deathcore band. I think all our changes are step forward in our progress.

I feel a lot more to hear the new album material touch with a lot of sound and concept with Modern style, whether it is the form of Progress Music band since the first album? and whether the presence of a new vocalist Milana Solovitskaya, has been widely demanded significant changes this to the band?
Dmitry: No, Milana joined us at the final step – when all arrangements and music were written and recorded. One thing she influenced is clean vocal parts and its melodies. To be honest she did the big and very important part of the work. As for the modern elements it came naturally again. We used a lot of synths this time and some modern things such as stutter and subdrops and of course we changed sound producer. All these things affected on the whole music concept.

What Is the band's with new vocalist, Milana has successfully made the position vacated by Sofia Raykova become has been replaced? or just the band have made different musick style from the previous concept had in fact you do?
Dmitry: We didn’t want to replace Sofia, but shit happens. We had to find another vocalist, who would be able to sing with clean voice – this was the main demand, because we have much more clean vocals in our new songs.

I'm Very Surprise with Amazing Sound Production for this album, what Is this already a Trademark for TANTAL established itself from the beginning? and how TANTAL still able to maintain all of this until now? Are You Stay Satisfied work with guys on KIV Records ? What band equipment use while recording process this material ??
Dmitry: We spent a lot of time searching the right sound. A lot of bands have a good material but sounds awful. From the beginning we attended our sound trying to improve it. KIV Records was the best choice for the “Expectancy”. We could experiment a lot with different amps and cabinets, so you can hear the result now. As for me I completely satisfied with KIV Records and result we achieved together. As for the guitar equipment: ESP Horizon FR2, ESP MII and Dean ML TimeCapsule. As for amps it was ENGL Ritchie Blackmore signature model with Marshall cabs. The rest – is the magic of KIV Records ?

Please tell something about the lyrics and what they deal with? so it will take a pleasure for the listener to be able to digest their meaning. exactly what you wrote all the lyrics on this matter? How With " Expectancy " mean?
Dmitry: For me “EXPECTANCY” – means hope, vague hopes, expectation. Every man ask himself questions “Who am I?”, “Why I’m here?”, “What I’ve done in my life and what I need to do?” etc. And the whole life we constantly wait for something, constantly hope, but life passes by, we get old. And if we look back in the past we understand: how few we have done something good and how many bad things and pain we have caused to our friends, relatives and beloved, such fools we were thinking that we will do everything in time and will be always happy and careless. It becomes a turning moment when you understand this. Too late to correct your mistakes – you have lost your time and it’s impossible to break through the wall of your selfishness – this wall is your grave. Despair and spiritual devastation come after realization of this. You understand that you're lonely and your wasted life means nothing. You start blame yourself for lost opportunities, for your fear to make a step toward another person, for your selfishness and you start lock inside yourself. You realize that you will never find answers on your question, that you were wrong, and all your hopes and dreams are miserable and unfulfilled. You will never correct your mistakes and you won’t turn back time. The only thing for you is to live till the end of your days without sense and purpose in loneliness, regretting of your past and blaming yourself.

A question I like to ask a lot on musicians that follow the underground, is the question on downloading. What would your reaction be if someone told you that he downloaded both your albums and thought they were awesome, and what to someone that told you he bought the albums and thought they were shit?
Dmitry: I’d say “thank you” both of them. We live in hard times for musicians, and we appreciate attention from everywhere even if it’s a “bad” attention ?  Now it’s very easy to check the quality of the music or choose the music you will like with the help of Internet. So the second guy didn’t do this, but he can make a present to his mates with the CD ?

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. The last words are yours!
Dmitry: It’s always pleasure to answer interview question, so thanks for your attention and attention of the readers. I’d like to say again that TANTAL is looking for opportunity to release the second album “Expectancy” outside Russia and open to any offers from the booking and distribution agencies. You can contact us via email: dimeblizzard@gmail.com
At the end, be well and don’t forget to like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/tantalofficial and visit our site: www.tantalweb.ru

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