SLAVEBREED Interview (Greece)

Slavebreed is a band from Athens, Greece, playing a mixture of grindcore and death metal with some crust / hardcore influences. They were formed in late 2004 by Pavlos and Kostas, from the remains of Pavlos' older deathcore side-project band ("Scorned" mcd, 2001). Slavebreed recorded a 4-track live rehearsal mini-cd in early 2007, receiving positive feedback and less than one year later recorded their first full length album, "Pain Syndicate", released under L'Inphantile Collective (Czech Republic, 2008). "Pain Syndicate" received great reviews worldwide and soon after its release Slavebreed hit the road, performing live on a number of tours all around Europe, sharing the stage with bands such as Napalm Death, Fear Factory, Entombed, Doom, Ratos de Porao, Birdflesh, Afgrund, Warcollapse, Mumakil, Rotten Sound, Severe Torture and many others. On 2011 a 7” split was released with Hibernation and “Dog Eat Dog” cover was recorded for the Disrupt tribute compilation, soon to be released from Power It Up records (Germany). In the summer of 2012 Slavebreed released their second full-length album, "Dethrone the Architect", under L'Inphantile Collective (CZ) and Noise Attack (GR). A mini tour is scheduled for late August 2012 to support the release, which will contain 2 open-air festivals (Fekal Party 14 and Arschcholio 10), as well as 6 more shows in Central Europe

Hi there Smirnoff, thanks for showing interest in answering this interview. How are you? Anything important to start with?
We should thank you for the interview! We are all fine. Just got back from a tour in Central Europe.

What's going on in the SLAVEBREED camp these days? Any "sensational and Nice" latest news?
We have released our second full length, "Dethrone the Architect", as well as a split 7" with our Greek friends Hibernation. Promoting it somehow, is the next logical step.

I wonder how's the interest from the underground Metal media so far? How did the reviews turn out? How many interviews have you answered and how's the response for "Dethrone The Architect" from the media and the fans up to now? Are you satisfied?
Actually this is the first interview for the new record. Fans and everyone that listened to the album speaks with really nice words about it and yes we are satisfied.

To you, what distinguishes this release with the material you before? what if this is for you a blast form the mature concept from CD " Pain Syndicate " ?
If you compare it to our previous record, you can easily realize that we have evolved our sound. It is more grindcore and crust than it used to be, having put out most of the death metal elements that someone could find in "Pain Syndicate".

And what is decided for vocalist John to no longer engage in the cultivation of this material? whether the strength of the vocals for the band right now is enough?
John left the band more than four years ago, almost immediately after the release of "Pain Syndicate" for his own personal reasons. His voice was good and mixed well with the more "metallic" Pain Syndicate release, but Dethrone the Architect is much different. It is influenced from the crust/punk/grind genres and the combination of medium pitch growls and screams was more suitable. Also Pavlos has done some backing vocal work in some of the songs, which made the diversity in the vocals to feel just right.

I'm Very SURPRISE with Sound Production for this album, what Is this already a Trademark for SLAVEBREED established itself from the beginning? and how Slavebreed still able to maintain all of this until now?
It is because we've always worked with the same sound engineer, Haris Zourelidis. He knows our sound, our needs and he steps it up.

Did Haris Zourelidis remains a hope for material that you will continue to be done by coming to him?
That is certain. He is first of all our friend. Actually he came with us on our recent tour, being responsible for our live sound.

Please tell something about the lyrics and what they deal with? What About Lyric song " Failed Sepuku " ?
Our lyrical themes are mostly psychological - sociopolitical. They work as a psychotherapy and most of the times are somehow surreal. The same goes for "Failed Sepuku".

And the reason what makes SLAVEBREED wanted to bring back "Dog Eat Dog" Disrupt? if the song is so memorable in their own musicality SLAVEBREED ? no need some bring back some track from Leng Tch'e, Mumakil, Warscars, Squash Bowels, Regurgitate, Nasum, Ingrowing, Blockheads and Terrorizer for next time ??
Kostas, our drummer likes this album and he was the one to propose this song as a cover. We prefer playing our own music instead of covers, but who knows, maybe next time we will play a song from the bands you mention.

Your music sounds really matured, well-structured and GRINDING as fuck. Did you and the other band members play in other bands before and how do you see your band considering the musical skills?
All of us have a history in the local scene, coming from different genres, each. I used to play sludge metal with a band called Mahakala. Tolis is the guitarist of the local punk heroes "Deus X Machina" and in the past he also played funk rock with another band. The others have a death metal background. Many influences in a big pot...

Talking about GRINDCORE releases. Tell me some of your current fave-releases and some of your all-time classics. Please explain what makes the releases special to you.
We have the deepest respect for pioneers like Napalm Death, Nasum, Disrupt, Insect Warfare, etc. If you keep your eyes and ears open you can find gems scattered around, like The Arson project, Sakatat, Psychotic Despair and many more. We cannot also take out of the equation more well known bands, such as the likes of Birdflesh, Jig Ai, Mumakil, Blockheads, Nostromo, Gadget and the list goes on. There are so many and so good bands out there.

Surprize to for CD artworking By Spyros " Seth Siro Anton ", REALLY SICK ABSTRACT !! what is for you Spyros "Seth Siro Anton is a good graphic artist and has a remarkable ability?, and how SLAVEBREED have to pay money to use the services of Seth?

Spyros is a good friend of ours since many years. He wanted to work with us again and we wanted that also. He is really good in what he does.

Smirnoff, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. The last words are yours!
We thank you for showing interest in us. The only thing left to say is that we hope that at some point we will be able to play live in different parts of the world for everyone of our fans out there. Cheers and be well, my friend!

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