RASTER DENSITY Interview (Finland)

Answered By Luukas Savolainen ( Guitars/Vocal ) 
Update 22 Mei 2012

Raster density is a deathmetal band formed in early 2009 in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. The original idea of the members was to create music which was not only fast and brutal but also variable and dynamic. First demo of the band was released only a few months after the band was founded and received great acceptance among the local metal community. Although still fairly unknown outside of Jyväskylä, Raster Density is quickly expanding its “territory” outside the city limits. So if you consider yourself a friend of deathmetal, please spread the knowledge baby!

Can you tell us in depth about RASTER DENSITY influences? What contributes to your playing style, your performing style?
Our influences don't only include brutal music, but also some melodic and alternative styles like Animals as Leaders, Gojira, Cult of Luna etc. Of course the main influences are extreme metal bands like Origin and Aborted.

In my view, " El Hombre Pablos " is a KILLER masterpiece that unites your past with a future direction I can't quite figure out. Were there additional influences or developments to your style? Where do you go from here?
Yes there was. We are constantly trying to develop our music to make it more interesting and not-so-typical to death metal and still keeping it as brutal as possible. We are going to take this direction even further in the future.

How long does it take RASTER DENSITY to write new songs? Have the songs on the upcoming CD been in the works for a long time?
For "El Hombre Pablos" writing new songs took a surprisingly long time, like a year and a half but the new songs have been coming quite fast. Few more songs and we have a full-length album!

And How do you construct your songs?
I just sit on the computer and start bashing Cubase.

How does it feel to come from a developing scene in Brutal Death Metal ? Finland isn't exactly known for Gothic/melodic/Power Metal, but we noticed that you guys have a small, growing, tightknit community going.
Pretty challenging. There are so many bands that play the same kind of music so we have problems in getting our name on the map.

You guys tend to use small bits of Chaotic in your Brutality Beat , in the form of technical sweep parts or tapping sections. Lots of bands seem to be doing this, but you guys really bring the mosh as well. What's the secret to your songwriting?

I just take the guitar and start making riffs and then put them together. Together with the band we make final touches to songs.

In reference to one of the above questions, do you think the Finland has a "sound all its own"? If not, do you think it will ever develop one? Finland has developed kind of a taste for the bizarre in Gothic/melodic/Power Metal, so do you think it'll be similar with Brutal Death Metal?
Tricky question! Yeah Finland does have its own sound in metal music, I can't explain it.

What band Funny With " Unique " Band Style Clothes Like that? ( Bunny Doll clothes ? ) any reason for this ??
Actually we don't use them anymore! But the idea was that we wouldn't look like any other Death Metal band. They all look the same with camouflage trousers and caps. We are still trying to look as twisted and funny as we can, for example we used a pelican on the CD cover.

Where do you see the Finland brutality scene heading in the next 5-10 years?
It will be in the same situation as now.

What do you think of bands from other parts of the world? Do you listen to any brutal death metal from Asia, Europe, etc.?
I can't think of any Asian death metal band, but of other European bands I listen to Aborted and Vader, for example. The best brutal death metal comes mostly from USA.

What are some labels you'd like to work with?
Nuclear Blast Records for sure!

What are some of the "bigger" brutal bands you've played with, and is there a chance you'll come over to the States?
We haven't been playing with other brutal bands, their music has been usually more traditional metal. We would like to come to the States if we ever got so lucky.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened in relation to the band?
Probably that time when we went on a ferry boat trip and put on our costumes and got totally wasted. We made a music video of that trip! Check from Youtube "Down to the purgatory".

Name 5 of your favorite albums and tell us why you think they're relevant to your influence?
There are so many great albums and different bands that have influenced our music that I can't grade them.

Any Plan Band for Upcoming Soon ??
Just making new songs for the full-length and hopefully recording it!

Thanks for the interview ! RASTER DENSITY rules and we look forward to reviewing your new album! Stay brutal.


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