HIDEOUS DIVINITY Interview (Italy)

Answered By Enrico Schettino ( Guitars ) 
Update 13 Juni 2012

HIDEOUS DIVINITY's music starts taking form in January 2007 between Oslo (Enrico, former founding member of HOUR OF PENANCE now living in Norway) and Rome (Synder & Mauro, both members and ex-members of HOUR OF PENANCE and EYECONOCLAST). The aim is to come out with some real, straight-in-your-face unholy death metal: in other words, the only music in the world that deserves to be played. The two songs featuring the "Sinful Star Necrolatry" were written and arranged by Enrico during 2007 and finally recorded by Enrico, Synder and Mauro in September, 2007 at the 16th Cellar Studios by the sound-engineer and long-time friend Stefano "Saul" Morabito (who also took care of the mixing). After a long period of silence due to Enrico's relocation in Italy in early 2009 and his subsequent rejoining with HOUR OF PENANCE (from which he will part ways again in fall 2009), the band is finally back on tracks with a new lineup featuring master vocalist Enrico H., Flavio and Fabio respectively shredding bass and guitar, while "Mad Horse" Mizio takes care of keeping tornado beats.A new song, "Cerebral Code Of Obeisance", sublimates the regained state of health of HIDEOUS DIVINITY, ready to release their first full-length of their career in spring 2011. While title, tracklist and label are still to be revealed, the band already spread the word that the concept will be based on John Carpenter's masterstroke "They Live".

Can you tell us in depth about HIDEOUS DIVINITY influences? What contributes to your playing style, your performing style?
Oldschool and modern DM, the two things put together and mixed with other extreme influences... basically, what you can hear is what we loved and love since we started listening to heavy music.

In my view, " Obeisance Rising " is a ITS FUCKIN AWESOME KILLER STUFF masterpiece that unites your past with a future direction I can't quite figure out. Were there additional influences or developments to your style? Where do you go from here?

Thanks a million bro, especially for the past/future connection thing. In fact, that's what we tried to pursue. Where do we go from here?... sounds both like a good and difficul question. We'll try harder and harder to have it more epic yet catchy, more direct yet complex... I'm listening very carefully to bands like PORTAL, ULCERATE, trying to figure out how could they match our IMMOLATION/INCANTATION-like research of epic death metal. That's what I can describe as future musical directions.

I heard some music The band was little affected by Enrico Schettino, Like when playing he on Hour Of Penance, What Enrico Schettino is still playing like a band before that?
I'm Enrico Schettino so I guess I'm the one entitled to answer. But honestly, I don't literally understand your question...

How did you get into contact with Unique Leader Records? How has your experience with the label been overall?
I knew Eric from some time, when we had proper new demo material we sent him and he immediately liked it. In not too long we reached a deal. UNIQUE LEADER is a big label, they've plenty of releases every other month, they're very busy people and we're trying to keep them even busier.

After that record, are you guys gonna stay with Permeated or seek out similar brutal labels so more people can hear your stuff?
Er... I think there's a mistake, we're not with PERMEATED but with UNIQUE LEADER, and we have a 3-albums dealso you'll hear from us again in the future :)

How long does it take HIDEOUS DIVINITY to write new songs? Have the songs on the upcoming CD been in the works for a long time?
A very long time, honestly speaking. Every song has an endless work of writing/correcting/rewriting behind. It's death metal music in 2012, so you're not allowed to leave anything to chance. The attention of the listener, now that we're overwhelmed by extreme music, is decreasing more and more... so our only chance is to be catchy and twisted all together, then hopefully the listener will go like "Wait a second. What's this?".

And How do you construct your songs?
Me and Fabio usually arrange songs on our own, with drum machine and 4 guitar tracks, the more complete the better. When I have something I can call a "song", that is, something with a beginning and an end, I bring it to the rest of the guys, we start playing it together, then we change things, we rehearse again, we do more changes... until we collapse.

You guys tend to use small bits of Epic in your Brutality Beat , in the form of technical sweep parts or tapping sections. Lots of bands seem to be doing this, but you guys really bring the mosh as well. What's the secret to your songwriting?
Thank you very much again, we always worshipped what's most epic in extreme music, from NILE to IMMOLATION and INCANTATION. If there's a secret in songwriting, I cannot be that self-important and arrogant to tell you I know what it is! We just write them songs, if we like them we release them, otherwise we wait until we're satisfied of the result. That's the reason why we'll never make a living out of this music: the perspective of doing it as a job, because we HAVE TO, and therefore we have to respect deadlines no matter how good the final product is... that would be terrible.

Where do you see the Italy Brutality scene heading in the next 5-10 years?
Even more bands playing faster and heavier... let's hope new bands won't sacrifice everything just for being fast, and that they will re-discover epic bands in extreme music. Wanna be the fastest band in the world? Listen to INCANTATION's "Diabolical Conquest" and tell me honestly who'd give a fuck about speed with an album like that!

What do you think of bands from other parts of the world? Do you listen to any brutal death metal from Asia, Europe, etc.?
To me the best death metal bands are still heading from continental Europe. Poland still has the lead, the quantity and quality of bands from that country is amazing. Then I would say Germany and Scandinavia, USA but only for some genres. American grindcore is the shit. I'd die to share the stage with PIG DESTROYER.

What are some of the "bigger" brutal bands you've played with, and is there a chance you'll come over to the States?
I won't mention Inferno Festival 2012, because we only "technically" shared the stage with MESHUGGAH, IMMORTAL, NAPALM DEATH, VOIVOD and many many others. Recently we played with BEHEADED and BLASPHEMER at the Tattoo DeathmetalFest in Milan, soon we'll share the stage with ANTROPOPHAGUS... let's see what future deserves, we never stop dreaming about touring the States.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened in relation to the band?
That would probably be something involving our drummer, Mizio "Mad Horse" Montagna. I could tell you about him imitating Dani Filth's vocals on "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh" or engaging a drink fight against Rikets Crust (a Norwegian grindcore band that played with us at Inferno Festival 2011 on the Elm Street stage)... there's plenty of choice actually!

Name 5 of your favorite albums and tell us why you think they're relevant to your influence?
1) NILE's "Black Seeds Of Vengeance" = the record that musically changed my life
2) CANNIBAL CORPSE's "BLoodthirst" = for many reasons the absolute perfection made record
3) CELTIC FROST's "Monotheist" = music doesn't get darker than this
4) INCANTATION's "Diabolical Conquest" = music doesn't get UNHOLIER than this
5) CRADLE OF FILTH's "Vempire" = yeah, one of my all time faves, so fucking what?! Any problems with it?

Any Plan Band for Upcoming Soon ??
More death metal! We never get tired of it...

Thanks for the interview ! HIDEOUS DIVINITY rules and we look forward to reviewing your new album! Stay brutal.
Thank you for supporting us, you're the true ruler! :)


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