EMBALMING THEATRE Interview (Switzerland)

MG ( Vocals )

Tell Me About Your Hometown And What The Music Scene Was Like Growing Up There. At What Point In Your Life Did You Decide You Wanted To Be A Musician?
MG: All of us live in small villages or small towns here in Switzerland. In Central Switzerland we’ve got quite a lot of mountains and the population is not that much. That’s why you know the scene. There aren’t so many freaks in that scene and you know each other. Of course the scene changed within the last 20 years. It was in autumn 1989 when a friend of mine introduced me to a local band. In his opinion I was meant to be a singer / growler for those guys. My first thought was: What the hell are you talking about? I’ve had absolutely no experience as a musician. But that band had real trouble in finding a vocalist. Then I tried a session with the band and they were very satisfied. That was my start with Damnatory.  1999 after several guest appearances we started with Embalming Theatre. All of our members were experienced musicians when we began with Embalming Theatre.

Now "Unamused Rancid Flesh " Is An Real Kick Off Death Metal/Grindcore Album And Has on 2010.
Thanks for the nice words. Actually we recorded the songs for URF in the year 2009. But due to some delays the release was quite late. But we are very happy with our third full-length album.

About Process Recording " Unamused Rancid Flesh " Are You Satisfy with the Result ?? and How Response from the Audience after Release??
Actually we haven’t heard any reviews so far. We are expecting some reviews within the next weeks. So far, a few guys told us, that they like the new stuff. The recording process was business as always. We entered the same studio that we already used for the last 6 years. In my opinion it was an easy recording session. Nevertheless we were looking for another studio this year. We thought we could need fresh blood. A new engineer with another view. So we found Gregor and he’s a really nice guy. He knows what he’s doing and he created an excellent sound for our new songs. We will go back to his Hedgehog Studio.

Are You Enjoy Working all for This Stuff? if You are really doing something that best represents all the member desires? How about Concept and sounds Now?? very Satisfy or Not ?
We all have a lot of fun rehearsing songs, presenting them live and playing cards. We enjoy the moments in the band. Our concept is humour. Without humour you couldn’t do it and you shouldn’t do it. That’s the way we handle every process. Try to have a good time. Everyone has special skills and that makes us a good team. We are team players and we never had a change in our line-up.

Do you still enjoy Working with Power it Up! Record as far?? how the development of sales and distribution are better with your previous label?

Tom is a honest and really nice guy. He is very busy with Power-it-up. It’s amazing to see how much effort he puts in his label. We are pleased to be presented by power-it-up. Our previous labels had some financial trouble. That’s why we changed the label. They were not able to release our records. We didn’t have any trouble with those labels. All of them made a good job. Especially our debut album on Razorback Records was a big push for us.

Is there still a bad comment from several media " Arrogance " who still have not received this terrible work for reasons less popular in the media industry?

I guess it changed within the last years. News and music can be spread all over the planet in a very short time. Mass media is always in a process. This process turns faster every year and they have to follow-up. Do you remember when the news announced the death of Patrick Swayze for the first time. How embarassing for the press that he was still alive!! I guess nowadays it’s easier to spread news but they lack in checking the truth behind. Our new album is on dozens of music-share-pages. No one asked of course. It’s a part that is out of control. The famous second side of the coin... now I am not sure if I got your question, hm...?

To you, a lyric in his presence do you think is something important or not at all, Music is more important !How do you think a good lyric that?

Music is more important than the lyrics. Personally I think lyrics and especially the title of a song should present a track. It’s not only a necessary item of a song. It gives a song a special character. Lyrics support a guitar riff and lyrics can give an identity to a song. I don’t think that I am writing good lyrics. Our songs are short and so are the lyrics. But I wrote the lyrics for about 250 songs.

Embalming Theatre lot to write about the real story, how you write the lyrics and look for this material? whether the Daily Newspaper or TV media remain the best source of material for a true story?
Actually it is the newspaper and the internet. When I found a “nice” story I begin investigating the backgrounds and different sources. Once I have found “facts” I start writing the lyrics. All our lyrics (except for our first songs back in 2000 ) are based on true stories. Of course I can’t investigate like a reporter. I just take it as a real story. It might be possible that one of the stories for our songs is not really the whole truth. We don’t “make” news to sell a newspaper. Some of our true stories are dealing with crimes that happened a couple of years ago. I love bizarre stories, macabre stuff and it’s of course funny to laugh about the stupidity of others.

then what you actually write the song "The Naked Graveyard Dancers", "Sodomy Of The Goat" and "Vasectomy By lobsters?? if this is real story or just a story humor?
The three songs you mentioned are based on true stories. For example a guy here in Switzerland was waiting for political asylum. He was a fugitive due to political reasons. To give the authorities a good impression of himself he was getting drunk and when he was horny he raped a few goats. The vasectomy song is a funny song, but not for men, hehe! And also this track is based on a true story about a not so clever guy.

for you, who the band that you think has the real lyrics are very good at the suggestion of truth and accountability accountable for human life?
The reason why we have chosen real stories for our songs is that life writes the best stories. It’s always surprising what is possible on our planet. Our main goal is entertainment. People laugh a lot at our gigs. That’s our way, how to handle those bizarre and macabre stories. People like it, we like it, that’s it.

Until now Embalming Theatre Discografy release this band very much, whether it be a form of hard work to make friends with other bands? or there is satisfaction that I can not describe this right now?
Yeah, you are right. We are really busy in releasing records, hehe! To make that possible it is both, hard work and good connections. During the last 20 years we made a lot of excellent connections. Nowadays with so many releases all over the world it is more difficult than ever before to get attention on your band. We are vinyl collectors and that’s one reason why we like releases on split-7”es. 2 Bands for the price of oneep. We had some brilliant split partners as Birdflesh, Haemorrhage, Maggot Shoes, Agathocles, and many more. We love that. Our guitar player has a large collection of Agathocles ( I guess he owns them all) and I for myself have more than 100 releases of Napalm Death.

And where do you think the releases are the best and worst for this!
Do you mean labels or places??? Well, some labels needed far too long to release a 7”. It is not so funny to wait 4 years until the label finally produce a 7”. But all in all it works well. We are happy with the labels especially with Tom of Power it up records.

How with Split-7" with Pulmonary Fibrosis released by GRINDING REBELLION ?? whether the material here with a Same few songs on the CD "Unamused Rancid Flesh"?
The split with Pulmonary Fibrosis is our newest release. All songs on that ep are new songs that are NOT on our album “URF”. We always try to have other songs on our ep’s. I for myself don’t like it to hear the same song on a 7” which is also on a regular album. Then you don’t need the ep.

And the main reason when you are always hiding from the media identity band, if this indeed be one more way people can know Embalming Theatre? it is unaware if the current lineup is the only lineup the band has ever had. Why hwa ha haha :D ?? and indeed there is a question that I know like " Why do the band members prefer to hide their real names, and instead of your pictures in the booklets you have some stuff like pigs, midgets, kids and photo models? Do you identify yourself as these guys in context of your work? "

There are not so funny reasons why we have chosen funny names and funny pictures for our releases. I almost lost my job due to an ignorant boss of mine. He found via “google-research” old bandstuff and titles and lyrics and he was not amused. I almost got fired. So you cannot explain some “normal” guys, that a song called “You eat what I have raped” is neither about your personal behaviour nor autobiographical in any other way. Sometimes there is no will for understanding. About the line-up:As mentioned we never had any line-up changes since the beginning in the year 1999.

whether the answers you like " that’s EMBALMING THEATRE. Just a weird sense of humour, just for the fun of it. " still be in use until now? is it true you guys want to like BRUJERIA Identity in the vein?
As I mentioned our main goal is entertainment. That’s the music we like, that’s the music we collect. When I startet with Damnatory, world famous Terrorizer recorded their alltime classic debut album. When I first heard it I knew, that’s the way I would like to create music. About hiding the identity: there are more bands than Brujeria. There are different reasons, why bands decide to act under pseudonyms. For some musicians it is just embarassing, for some musicians with side-projects there are legal reasons coming from their main record label...

Well, can You give me about the development of the metal scene in Switzerland right now? whether many good bands that were born in your scene? love the band a few recommendations to be written this Question,Thanxs !!
It is not so easy to get gigs. Guys from the “Metal-die-hard-front” organized a lot of gigs. We had the honour to play twice at the mountains of death festival. You need good connections. There are a lot of bands in our small country. Mumakil, Requiem, Disparaged, Nostromo are some of my faves here. Some more bands to mention are Cropment, Cremation, Yog, 2Black, Insomnia Isterica, Exenteration, Carnal Decay and many more. Check them out.

What type of music do you listen to at home or in car? Could you tell us your top 10 Death Metal/Grindcore with lyrics are based on true stories?
Some of my favourite bands are Winter, Napalm Death, The Great Deceiver, Skepticism, Disembowelment, Carnage, Forbidden, Terrorizer, Furbowl, Eternal Darkness, Dahmer/Mesrine, Rippikoulu, (old) Grave, Carcass, Stoa, Nirvana 2002, Necrony, ...
My top 10Grind’n Death list would be the following (but true stories in their lyrical concept???)

1. Napalm Death - Mentally murdered EP
2. Terrorizer - World downfall LP
3. Carcass - Symphonies of sickness LP
4. Necrony – Pathological performances CD
5. Extreme Noise Terror – Retro-Bution CD
6. Excruciating Terror – Expression of pain CD
7. Brutal Truth – Extreme conditions… LP
8. Rotten Sound – Under pressure LP
9.Assück – Misery index CD
10. Hemdale/Exhumed – Split CD
11. Disassociate – Symbols, signals and noise! CD
12. ok, I think you get an impression…

What Can We Expect From Embalming Theatre Over The Next Few Years After " Unamused Rancid Flesh " CD ??
We will release a split-CD with Exulceration (old band from Switzerland that splitted up in 1992), a split-CD with Methadone Abortion Clinic, a few split-ep’s and a very special 5-piece-collector’s-7”ep-collection on power-it-up records.

Thank you very much for your time for this, give you the best last words in this simple interview to Lost In Chaos Readers, Take a Best and You Rule !!

Thanks a lot for your support and the nice words about our work. Readers, check out the new album. There are some nice new funny, obscure, weird, bizarre and gory songs on it.



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