FLASH OF AGGRESSION Interview (Russia)

Answer By Polina Berezko & Dmitriy Ignatiev

Do you think your band name fits the music? Who had the idea for it? With this band´s name actually everyone Little knows from where the wind blows. Have you chosen it deliberately or does it just sounding cool? Actually what " FLASHOF AGGRESSION " Meaning?
PB:FLASH OF AGGRESSION means a harsh instinctive display of anger – something at the edge of consciousness, something arisen from deep beneath. And I should say that it perfectly fits the music, the music which is filled with inside protest against modern society. But instead of  developing  some philosophical thoughts on social system or some psychological researches and instead of some naked pictures of violence also, we produce bare emotions – so simple and so honest in its shriek.

Tell me something about your new First Album " Seed of Hate ". Incurrence, recording and stuff like that! This put all Member emotions, even extremely negative, into this record. didn’t limit selves during the process of writing these songs. I think that this fact had affect on the high speed of the songs and extremity of the musical material and lyrics. I can say that FLASH OF AGGRESSION is an evil alter-ego of the other bands in which we are engaged. Do you agree with my opinion?
PB:Sure it is, because the concentration of evil in FLASH OF AGGRESSION reaches its peak!) When Dmitry and Andrey invited me to take part in this project they had already had some demos and after having listened to them I agreed with no doubts. From the first notes I could feel that it touches my nerve and I could express the aggression and despair with my voice through this music. We took several record sessions in KIV studio. While recording vocals, most band’s members were present to support me and to criticize me sometimes. We had a lot of fun working together.

I hear " Seed of Hate ", Uncompromising Thrash Metal, recorded as a tribute to the style of the music and bands that had influenced the band members. The album is recommended to all fans of classic extreme metal of all its forms. I Know Material is More Powerfully for Fantastic Melodic Death/Thrash Metal, Progressive and Modern as well. This is keep any Movement FLASHOF  AGGRESSION Musically or Some Renewed Band Style For Someday? By your own admission you present on " Seed of Hate " in the past, the present and a little view into the future of the band. Would you say this is your most equilibrated opus?
PB:Actually we do not have a rich history behind our backs as a band yet. “Seed of Hate” is our first album and who knows what will happen next. Let our wicked child choose its own way of further formation.

FLASH OF AGGRESSION created their own little niche, through the original, complex, melodic and at times even aggressive metal that floated out of the speakers! The " Seed of Hate " sounds quiet sophisticated, from harsh and Progressive riffs to staggering twists. How Andrey Smirnov and DmitriyIgnatiev Compose This Riff Here? Its Very Damnated Skill Riffing !!!
PB:It goes without saying that these guys are real professionals. Their other projects and bands as well as their public recognition are strong proofs for it. Wonderful riffs do not appear from nowhere – they are a fruit of hard work and mastery.
DI: I think it’s the matter of experience and musician’s skills. As for me, rifs writing is very natural process, you just take the guitar and let the music flow. With FLASH OF AGGRESSION I tried to express all my negative and extreme thoughts, I used my guitar as a weapon, that is why the most of my rifs and solos are sounded as insanity.

I Know DmitriyIgnatiev on Band Tantal is A Fantastic riffing guitarist and Sound, DmitriyIgnatiev is the right pair for Andrey Smirnov on FLASH OF AGGRESSION Musician as Well? and The lead guitar changes the direction like a nervous deer on a highway, fast, slower, complicated, with knots in the fingers, sophisticated, rampant and even ambitious. Is it hard for the other musicians to keep the overview?
PB:That impose a certain responsibility on the composers, so no shit has a mere chance to come from their hands. In other words it is a certain level. Maintaining it means surviving and nothing more, improvement means development.

Musically the band tries to tie in the moods of the lyrics and marry it to the music. Again, another new approach that we took on this album. Are you influenced from anything, or are there times when you have to look left to right?
PB:I think these topics are like sore spots – you do not need to look at it to feel how it hurts.
The songs are like cries from the heart caused by the human consumer attitude to nature, the social indifference, the ridiculousness of major driving powers.

The group beyond the mediocre sophistication that comes with Nice breakdowns and generic fundamentals Melodic Riffing Touch. FLASH OF AGGRESSION would be very noteworthy if the weird sweeping and technical aspects of their music were placed at the forefront of their attack !!any Opinion for this?
PB:As I see it, there is no need for FLASH OF AGGRESSION to chase some new technical options. Sincerity of a talented and experienced composer would be enough to produce a musical masterpiece.

Force, down the melodic and symphonic death/Thrash metal style, Who is responsible for the songwriting? How is it possible to put so many ideas in one song without letting it sound patched together?
PB:Most of the lyrics were written by Dmitriy. So that’s his know-how).
DI: There is no any recipe or formula for songwriting. Again, it’s just a matter of experience, this is just how I feel. I never sit in front of blank paper trying to invent some new licks or find right words. I just sit and express all I want to say with help of music. It’s hard to describe it, you just need to put it through you.

How serious do you take the “adventure” FLASH OF AGGRESSION personally Playing This Concept? So What If You GRACE DISGRACED distinguish it possible?
PB:This is a new experience for me, but not only this. I am lucky to be involved in the project, to try a new role and new approach to creation. There is a huge difference between my activity in FLASH OF AGGRESSION and GRACE DISGRACED. I could say that that project became a useful distraction from my main band for me.

Tell me lyrically and musically about the concept of the album! are we still at the battlefield? What kind of conflicts are in the focus of “ Seed of Hate ”? What about the lyrics, is there significant meaning to them or are they just means to an end - to give your music the right accompaniment? Why do not you get involved in songwriting here Polina?
PB:There are 2 subjects that I elaborated upon. One is about aggression of a child from an ordinary school, who faces some social problems with his family and his classmates, who lives in his closed an?gloomy world and there is no one to help him, although he is a member of our society.  I am talking about “Gun down your enemies”. Unfortunately, not long ago we were all at such case in Moscow – when a boy came to school pointing a gun at everyone. Several people died. I wish there hadn’t been such dreadful confirmations of the subject relevance. My second song is “Disaster”. It is to underline human weakness in the face of nature, to say once again how ridiculous could be our efforts to proof our grandeur in the universal scale.
DI: I didn’t think about the concept when we started to write the album. I just had some ideas and titles for some of the songs. I wanted to express in the simplest and straight way my own thoughts about daily shit like money, war, pollution, religion etc. This album is about all the bad things that can happen or happen now with us, and they surround us from the day we were born. In some way you can call it conception.

Actually what you wrote on Track " Entertainment Waste " ? Do People now no longer trusts About Entertainment from TV or read newspapers? You do this for a form of "unbelief" Society has occurred because of the engineering or manipulation for something "bad" look good?
PB:My personal association with this song is Huxley’s Brave New World. Mass media as an instrument of upbringing of the ultimate consumerism.Mass production to satisfy some petty needs, seen as a cure-all. Probably, Dmitriy took his inspiration for that song from somewhere else, not this book, but it is funny for me to see parallels between the Huxley’s composition, written in the beginning of XX century and our contemporary everyday life – our reality.
DI: This song is dedicated to the modern generation of Internet slaves just like me ? We waste our time in the net everyday instead of doing something useful. This song is also about stupid TV shows, it’s really irritates me, but most of old and young people watch it and I don’t know how it’s possible to not notice that it’s absolutely waste.

Are You Finding A significant Challenge When Playing with this band Polina ?
PB:Why should I?) First of all it is a pleasure to me, I can feel my self-realisation and a feeling of comradeship – thanks to the guys.

I once Liked Video Clip " Paper God ", How The concept song was created? or just running alone in the opinion of Video Director?
PB:I am glad to hear you liked it. Actually, not only you (me too, for example)). That was Sergey Serebrennikov, our drummer, who played the role of Video Director. Everything was his initiative – from the choice of the song – to the details of realization and filming.
DI: The concept of the video was taken directly from the lyrics. It’s about money, modern society idolizes money, money means everything for most of the people and it’s awful.

Is the spirit of optimism of the early 90’s with all the enthusiasm given way to certain serenity? Or can you still feel it?
PB:I was grown up with this music and now  the rise of old-school makes me smile – in a good sense.

Thanks a lot, last spot is yours!
PB:Let the pure aggression be expressed via music and culture – do not bring it into the real life.

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