DEPRIVATION Interview (Australia)

Answered By Lachlan Harrison ( Guitars ) 
Update 24 April 2012

What artists/bands have you been listening to lately? Any recommendations for our readers?

That's a tough one mate. I've been listening to Textures a lot, who are a band from the Netherlands. Also..old Scar Symmetry, Tesseract, and have also had Megadeth on rotation recently particularly 'Youthanasia', which I think is a heaps under rated album of theirs.

Define DEPRIVATION musically, five words or less?
Groovy, fast, bogan, metal, disgusting.

Now, I am no brownnose but I shall kiss ass when it is called for. Your latest album, Amalgam, is simply awesome. How is it that you can release this Death/Thrash/Groove Metal yet somewhat catchy material at such high quality year after year?
I don't mind a good brown nose every now and then...To answer your question, thanks for your kind words, we have set a reasonable benchmark with Amalgam to work off for our future releases and we really believe that our next album will be one to look forward to. We're always improving as a band, as musicians and most of all as people.

How band Work With Darren "jENK" Jenkins (Daysend, Switchblade, Black Asylum) for this album? Are You Satisfy with His Work?
jENK was the first name that came up when we started brainstorming about who we'd get. We got in contact with him, went and met with him and checked out The Grove Studio and made up our mind. We are more than satisfied with his work and will definitely work with him on the next album.

How was the experience of recording Amalgam? Easy? Demanding?
We'd never recorded so professionally before, so at first it was a shock. Once we got used to the calibre of performances that jENK wanted from us, we were a lot more focused but also relaxed with the experience. jENK has such a great ear for recording. If a dog barked 3kms down the road, he'd make you do another take.

How Compare Material with Ep " Re-Birth " ?
We were so rushed with Re-birth with absolutely no experience, no pre-production was done. We recorded our EP in 3 days as opposed to AMALGAM, we had 12 or more days.. The recording of AMALGAM was a huge step up for us. But we also loved working with Tim Carr on Re-Birth, great dude.

Is it important for death metal to be a genre of "respectable" skills, one that outsiders may not enjoy but can appreciate for its creative force?
Death metal is like the king's English. You should stop, stare and listen, and then jerk off on the carpet. Anyone playing as fast and technical as some of the death metal bands around today should be respected.

Like in the late 1970s, metal feels to many people like it has lost direction and become hollow. Is a change in direction needed, and if so, will that come from within metal?
What needs to happen, is more support for local bands. People have to remember that every massive band that you listen to nowadays came from a local scene somewhere. Without supporting local bands the amount of bands that actually "make it" will decrease and it already has. There is such a variety of metal and it isn't hollow at all, but the underground scene needs to be brought to light and exposed.

An undercurrent of classic thrash metal. The band seeks to remain true to the standards of acts like Death, Testament, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and Napalm Death, while putting its own signature dynamic into the mix, What inspired you to explore music in this way?
Most of the band grew up listening to a lot of old thrash metal. Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Slayer, Sepultura...are MASSIVE influences on the way we play. As with everything, you form habits from things when you first learn something. I remember playing a lot of Megadeth and Slayer in my bedroom when I was 15 when I was meant to be at school.

What's Pantera, Devildriver, The Black Dahlia Murder, Soilwork, The Haunted, Metallica, Killswitch Engage and Lynchmada, Still KICKIN ASS For Lifetime ??
Absolutely!! We listed these bands as our influences because people have heard of them..But our BIGGEST influences are the Australian bands we've played with, shared stories and beers with. Bands like: Frankenbok, Lynchmada, Recoil VOR, Double Dragon, 4arm, Truth Corroded, Datura Curse, Tortured, In Death, Paradigm and heaps more!! We have incredible talent over here and hopefully we can all show the world what we've got soon!

Any Plan Band for Upcoming Soon ??
We are heading to the USA in July for a month long tour of the west coast and Texas with Casket of Cassandra (USA), Prey for Sleep (USA) and our aussie friends 4arm from Melbourne. Check for dates to be announced soon @

Thanks for the truly great interview. I really enjoyed it and now have to give my hands a rest from typing!
Thanks for having me. \m/ 

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