DECREPANCY Interview (Serbia)

Answered By Andrija Marovic ( Guitars )
Update 20 April 2012 ?

Decrepancy was formed in the year 2004. Members of original line-up were: Igor Nikolic Gizma (vocals), Andrija Marovic (guitar) and Zoran Sokolovic (guitar) at that time also a member of the band Infest. As you may noticed, we had problems to find a drummer who will be able to play our songs. After we split ways with Petro (Sacramental Blood), with whom we did some rehearsals, we decided to find a permanent solution for the drummer. Then we met Djole who become our friend and consistent member of the line-up. Very soon after that, due to the personal problems, Zoran Sokolovic decided to leave the band. Before he made a decision to leave, we recorded a demo in home production. Instead of live drums on demo we used rhytam machine. The sound of demo was very raw so we decided not to spread copies into public. In winter 2008. Marko Radenkovic joins the band on bass guitar,so the bend was set for rehearsals again,after few months of rehearsing band had one gig.Very soon after Djole leaves band,and we faced another drummer problem.In summer of 2009. Dusan Milosevic Dule(ex.Infest), joins the crew,so we are almost complete.Again after few months of rehearsing we had another gig, after which Cvele joined the band on guitar,and finaly band is now how we imagined it. We have finished material for the whole album we are now recording it in Kragujevac in Wild Cat studio,if everything goes as planned it will be released in spring of 2010.

How did DECREPANCY form, and what were your influences? What made you choose to be a death metal band for Great Choosen till Now?

Decrepancy was formed in the year 2004 by high school friends Andrija and Gizma who shared the same taste for music. They were later joined by Zoran who already played in band Infest. At that time we were all into bands like Suffocation, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death, Hypocrisy, Entombed, Vader and Hate. Beside death metal we were listening almost all metal genres but when we saw some death metal bands playing live we figured out that we want to play death metal.

Can I considered a Technical Death Metal with Old School Touching band. What are your thoughts on the term?
Yeah, you are partly right. We see our style as old school death metal with some touches of technicality, but you can simply call our style death metal.

Tell me For Upcoming CD , "Paralized Will " is a masterpiece that unites your past with a future direction I can't quite figure out. Were there additional influences or developments to your style? Where do you go from here?
In the past the bands we were listening were very influential on music we were composing and that can be heard in our older songs. Now we are trying to create our own unique style and to some extent we succeeded in doing that on “Paralyzed Will”. The next release will sound as Decrepancy should sound from the beginning.

What if You compare it with Before Material since 2004?
Our older material was equivalent to age, skills and conditions that we possessed, but now we are not bounded by anything in producing the sound that we want.

How you can meet with No Label Records and agreed to Release CD "Paralized Will", does have a DECREPANCY Special Criteria for a Label Records to be released CD this Band?
We sent our material to No Label Records and soon after that an agreement of releasing the record was made. Regarding the record labels we have no special requirements, we just want them to be honest and professional.

How much guitar overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the DECREPANCY formula to work properly?

As much as it takes for us to be satisfied. Basically, not too much time.

Will any lead guitar make an appearance on older tracks in a live setting now that you've established it as part of your vocabulary?
Of course! The solos may be little different than the ones recorded, but they won’t be excluded. We have new guitarist Vojin Sarac and new drummer Nikola Milicevic who will improve our sound and make it more intense.

Is it important for death metal to be a genre of "respectable" skills, one that outsiders may not enjoy but can appreciate for its creative force?
We totally agree with you! Someone may not like the aesthetics of death metal but at the same time he may respect the complexity of music and skills of the musicians.

Like in the late 1970s, metal feels to many people like it has lost direction and become hollow. Is a change in direction needed, and if so, will that come from within metal?
In order to be original many bands tend to mix different genres and in our opinion that is the wrong way. What we think is needed is unique approach in making metal music. Nowadays it’s very hard to be original because there are so many things already played and recorded by many bands. In the future we will tend to be almost completely narrative in our composition. There will be very few repetitive riffs in our songs.

I think many bands have great ideas for lyrics and concepts and metal in all forms really is very widely open to really any subject matter. Doesn't always have to deal with death and being bummed out, DECREPANCY Keep using Issues Theme From Life, Death, Socio-political Issues Till Now?
In our opinion the subject matter of death metal should be the so called dark side of life and anything that fits into that category. On the second album in our lyrics we are dealing with problems of pollution, men turned against nature, complexity of moral, human existence and inner struggle, contrary to our fist album where the focus was on the religion.

Can you tell me how the developments in Extreme Metal Music Movement on Serbia, Especially from Jagodina for Now? Any Recommend For New Name Here?? How Now with INZEST, SACRAMENTAL BLOOD, DISDAINED, DEFILEMENT, TERRORMACHINE, KRAMP, etc,are They STILL KICKIN ASS ??
Recently we had a gig with Infest in Jagodina and it was very well supported by the crowd. Also, there are some young bands that play extreme metal but they are far away from recording the album. The older bands like Sacramental Blood and Defilement are active and they are still kicking ass.

Any Plan Band for Upcoming Soon ??
We are planning to start the recording of the second album by the end of the year and we look forward for some gigs in a meantime.

Thanks for the truly great interview. I really enjoyed it and now have to give my hands a rest from typing!
Thank you for these great questions and we really enjoy it too. Cheers and Sta

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