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TON came slamming into existence in 1993 when Dan Gates, Kevin Kraft, Jeff Shepler and Paul Bennett joined forces with a single goal in mind: create the heaviest music they could. Evidence of this pursuit can be heard on their first two demo releases "What Is Heavy" and "Crushing Design". TON's third demo would be unleashed in 1995. Entitled "Point Of View" it carried on the tradition set forth by its predecessors. Early in 1997 TON released their fourth demo "Blind Follower" which brought forth new levels of musical intensity and sonic brutality. "Blind Follower" and "Point Of View" were re-released on one cd by Pathos Productions in 1998. The summer of 1999 brought forth TON's first full length cd entitled "Plague". Released on United Guttural Records, then Re-released on Seething Records, "Plague" contains eight original songs of sheer musical brutality that crush with complete indifference. We are currently writing new material and hope to record by the end of 2014. We have also re-learned some old songs and plan to do some shows in 2014.

Hi Dan, thanks for showing interest in answering this interview. How are you? Anything important to start with?
Dan Gates : Thanks for the interviewand thanks for your interest in TON.

Longing TON Fans today's return must be paid with the band now. so what TON decided to get back together since the material last CD "Plague" on 1999 ? and, TON It does not Hear productive back and some Members decided to stop and Join with new band.
Dan Gates : We have all remained friends over the years that TON was inactive. Kevin Kraft (drums) and I have never stopped playing together. We have been in several bands together. Jeff Shepler (bass) has been involved with a couple of those projects also. When our last band was falling apart we decided to get TON back together.

Do you think the return of TON as a "Emotional" which merely see a lot of bands from the past also decided to Return and Reunion ? but in my opinion is one of the TON of the most anticipated bands of all!
Dan Gates : We are very happy to have TON back together. The time was right for us. We do not see it as a reunion but a continuation of what we started many years ago. Some people really seem to be happy about us being back together. It's amazing that after all these years that anyone cares at all. It's great though.

I see TON back again with only 3 Members Without Paul Bennett. whether Paul Bennett decided not to come back in the return of TON? Contributions given her during band very big in TON formation.
Dan Gates : Paul left the band a year or two before Kevin, Jeff and I disbanded in 2001. Paul moved to another state and has not been in any bands since. Paul is moving back to our area and there is a chance he might play with us in the future.

About TON Stuff Flashback: As of today, Demo "Blind Follower & Point of View" Matter Talks Being still Although this material has been released since 1995 - 1998, a very interesting material about Music Composition Catastrophic from TON! Does it Matter 2 demo is a new spirit of your explosion Form after releasing 2 demos "What Is Heavy? & Crushing Design" before? I Need Some Information About This :)
Dan Gates : I think the lyrical topics of Blind Follower and Point Of View are very relevant today. We always wrote about real topics such as current events and real life stories. With those 2 demos we had figured out that we wanted to play death metal and we wanted it to be intense. When we first started we didn't really set out to be a death metal band we just evolved into it. The more death metal we were exposed to the more we wanted to play it.

What is the Briliance special Concept Musick thing with TON? The guitar must be always Excellent Progress? Bass guitar and drums are allowed to be more Brutal With Slam Groovy beaten? Or is it much more? How much guitar overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the TON formula to work properly? whether in the era of the 90's, there are already a TON According to first play the demo concepts like "Blind Follower & Point of  View"? You guys area in particular again, Ohio?
Dan Gates : We were always trying to progress musically. We would all contribute to the writing and we would always try to be open to everyones ideas. We were always trying to move forward being as heavy and as intense as possible. All of our past recording were done with analog recording gear. Back then it was not easy to punch in or fix parts. We would roll tape and record. There was no overdubbing or layering. We were always on a tight budget and we had to do the best we could do in a very limited amount of time. With our new recording we will use technology to our advantage just like all bands do today. But the parts all have to be played and played tight. Yes we are from Ohio.

How exactly TON can create musical arrangements that sounded very "Chaotic" but maintained its harmonization so very cool to be enjoyed by the fans, did a TON of time to find a significant problem when it comes to collide with the ego of each Member? and I imagine all the Members Must Sing but still concentration with Their Instruments.
Dan Gates : Some of the riffs were chaotic and because we weren't perfect and because we weren't able to punch in and rearrange things with protools it sounded chaotic. Back then you recorded on tape and editing wasn't easy and was not in our budget. We had our moments of chaos but we always brought the music back to something you could catch on to. Yes we all do vocals and play an instrument.

For a while now I hear a TON of being Setting up New Materials for the new album, what Your Surprized to want TON give for the fans who've been waiting for, whether TON still plays like a concept demo "Blind Follower & Point of View" or TON have More a of new ideas Formula to destroy after stored long enough for this? really be fun is waiting for a TON of fans all of this. And TON 've found a label that is suitable for cooperating with New Album later?
Dan Gates : We have some new material written and we plan to release a full length cd in 2015. We want to write brutal songs with plenty of catchy parts but still full of intensity. Our writing is more focused than it was in the past. We are better musicians and better song writers I think. We have had a few labels express interest in our new material but we have not had an actual offer yet.

To make more audible guitar sound MORE Heavier and Kicking Ass, if you usually change from Setting Standard or you put more emphasis on Low Riffing just for this? Dan, can you share experiences about this? :)
Dan Gates : It's very important to me to get a very good guitar sound for the new recording. I am way better now than I was when we recorded in the past. Technology is way more advanced since the last time we recorded TON material. We have a pretty good idea what we are going to do as far as recording. I think the new recording will completely blow away anything we have ever done. There will be a good mix of riffs in the new songs. We want every song to have fast riffs, heavy slammingandr groove riffs.

so, how to present your concentration should be divided when returning to play again with a TON after FULLY CONSUMED? because the Two band may have a slightly different concept of music, whether you Enjoy with this situation?
Dan Gates : Being in two bands I play my guitar alot. I do my best to dedicate the time needed for both bands. Sometimes it's hard but I love playing and I think both bands are awesome. It's fun and thats what it's all about for me.

Who is it IRON GATES Entertainment ? whether its Manage your own, Dan ?
Dan Gates : I started Iron Gates Entertainment to help promote my bands and to trade and sell merch. I don't know exactly where I will take it but I do have some ideas for the future.

A question I like to ask a lot on musicians that follow the underground, is the question on downloading. What would your reaction be if someone told you that he downloaded both your albums and thought they were awesome, and what to someone that told you he bought the albums and thought they were shit?
Dan Gates : I would not be bothered if someone downloaded our albums. We will never make money doing this so I'm not worried about a couple of dollars. If someone bought our albums and think they are shit then I guess they wasted their money on shit. We had some bad reviews back in the day. You can't let that stuff bother you. If you believe in your music thats what matters.

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. The last words are yours!
Dan Gates : Thank you very much for the support. We are more motivated than ever and keep an eye out we have some things planned. Look for a new cd sometime in 2015.

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